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E W NEWS & OPINION 6 March 2014 Device focus Newer dry eye diagnostic tools s how promise 92 Using biomarkers to help quantify dry eye has potential, but more refinement is necessary by Michelle Dalton Epithelial experience 8 1 Delayed closure after PRK with topical besifloxacin by Maxine Lipner Dry eye disease poses problems after refractive surgery 82 Both LASIK and PRK procedures pose risk for dry eye disease in some patients by Erin L. Boyle Cornea offerings 5 4 The annual meeting will address a number of cornea topics by Ellen Stodola Spotlight on glaucoma 56 A host of physicians to lead discussions on glaucoma-related topics by Erin L. Boyle 66 88 Sticking with clear corneal incisions 71 Success with the liquid adhesive bandage by Maxine Lipner Preparation, patient fit keys to multifocal success 69 The unique advantages and limitations of multifocal IOLs require surgeons to focus on patient selection and screening to ensure their optimum use by Rich Daly Long-term strategy for phakic IOLs 84 Surgeons develop plans to respond to the long-term complications of phakic IOLs that emerging research and clinical experience have identified by Rich Daly Pharmaceutical focus A clear-eyed view of preservatives in tears 94 Taking the sting out for patients b y Maxine Lipner Eye on optical changes post-DSAEK 100 Considering the matter of scatter by Maxine Lipner Glaucoma Day offers diagnostic, surgical highlights 60 The subspecialty day will feature presentations on hot topics in the field of glaucoma, for both comprehensive and specialist ophthalmologists by Erin L. Boyle The Sunday Summit to highlight genetics, state of the art in subspecialities 62 The session will offer attendees a unique look at an interesting topic, as well as the latest from leading ophthalmologists in several subspecialties, all within two hours on Sunday morning by Erin L. Boyle R E F R A C T I V E Refractive editor's corner of the world Refractive outcomes of topography-guided photorefractive keratectomy with simultaneous crosslinking 76 by Ellen Stodola PRK vs. LASIK updated 86 The latest research indicates the two leading photorefractive approaches provide similar outcomes, but specific circumstances can give one advantages over the other by Rich Daly C O R N E A Cornea editor's corner of the world Boston KPro to use new titanium back plate design 88 The KPro will have a titanium back plate option in addition to the PMMA version by Ellen Stodola Review of autologous serum for dry eye finds more research needed 102 Inconsistent research made definitive conclusions difficult by Vanessa Caceres The art of advanced technology IOLs Answering the question 74 Dr. Tipperman highlights the importance of understanding exactly what a patient is asking by Richard Tipperman, MD Help patients relax for better c ataract surgery cooperation 66 Education, positive imagery techniques quelled anxiety in recent study by Vanessa Caceres LASIK vs. contact lens wear c ompared in study 78 A study explores patient satisfaction of LASIK compared to contact lenses by Ellen Stodola Corneal edema affects fate of AC IOLs 98 When corneal edema emerges among patients with AC IOLs, the best surgical approach may or may not include removal of the lens by Rich Daly Cornea Day program to cover hot topics 58 Cornea Day will highlight cataract and refractive surgery, corneal infections, and keratoplasty procedures by Ellen Stodola Review of phacoemulsification: Two case studies 72 Dr. Garg reviews the mechanics of phaco and the aspects critical to successful outcomes in both standard and complicated cases by Sumit (Sam) Garg, MD Ten-year results of cornea donor study 97 Similar results found for younger and older donor tissue by Ellen Stodola C ATA R A C T Cataract/IOL complications: Moran CPC reports A case of uveitis-glaucoma- hyphema (UGH) syndrome following cataract surgery 64 by Scott Cole, MD, MS, Liliana Werner, MD, PhD, and Nick Mamalis, MD

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