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E W CATARACT 7 3 chips of nucleus at the tip rather than repelling. T he challenge in this case was to break the posterior plate, and the dual pump fluidics allowed this to be accomplished efficiently given the density of the nucleus. The lack of epi-nucleus or cortex reiterated how dense the cataract was. The density of this cataract required a moderate amount of phaco energy, w hile still being a much easier pro- cedure for the patient than an extra- capsular cataract removal. I inserted a three-piece lens into the capsular bag easily. Advantages of a dual pump The dual pump provides conven- ience, efficiency, and customization. The flexibility to switch between peristaltic and venturi modes as needed maximizes efficiency, result- ing in less overall phaco energy and trauma to the patient. While the majority of surgeons are comfortable with the peristaltic pump, the addition of the more dynamic venturi pump allows more action at the tip and an efficient removal of the nucleus. Fluidics There are many factors involved in proper fluidics, and computerized control of the settings is very con- venient. Once the surgeon is famil- iar with the mechanics, the system can be personalized. Recently, I switched from a continuous power setting to a pulsed mode with a higher duty cycle. This maintains ef- ficiency in emulsifying the nucleus while reducing the amount of power used. By using only the amount of power necessary, I am hopefully providing the patient with less en- dothelial trauma and loss, thereby allowing a quicker recovery with reduced risk of complications. Success Peristaltic phacoemulsification is familiar and effective, and most sur- geons are very comfortable using it. However, stepping outside of our comfort zone and including venturi technology should be considered. Used in combination, peristaltic and venturi provide the possibility of a more efficient and effective proce- dure, and the convenience of both modes on one machine is unbeat- able. EW Reference 1. Cataract. EyeWiki. eyewiki.aao.org/Cataract#cite _ ref-BCSC_11_0-0 Editors' note: Dr. Garg is medical director, vice chair of clinical ophthal- m ology, and assistant professor of ophthalmology, Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, University of California, Irvine. He has financial interests with AMO. C ontact information Garg: gargs@uci.edu INTRODUCING NIDEK'S NEW PRODUCT CAST MEMBER NAVEX Quest , with Final Fit, topography- assisted excimer laser system featuring CATz software. It's the CATz MEOW and makes our optimized excimer treatments purrfectly afordable...with NO USER FEES! Innovation is an integral part of everything we do at Nidek…with pioneering technologies, dedication to superior service, and leading edge quality diagnostic and laser instrumentation. And our innovation extends to customer-tailored service options that match your needs perfectly. Like Us on Facebook NIDEK Inc. 47651 Westinghouse Drive Fremont, California 94539-7474 Telephone: 1-800-223-9044 Fax: 1-510-226-5750 usa.nidek.com 130%6$54t4&37*$&4t5&$)/0-0(*&4 We're opening the curtain on INNOVATION in 2014 Nidek innovations: 40 years strong and growing. Dr. CATz 13-0082 March 2014 64-75 Cataract_EW March 2014-DL2_Layout 1 3/6/14 3:10 PM Page 73

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