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EW Table of Contents 4 March 2014 Femtosecond phaco techniques 108–125 Feature March 2014 F emtosecond phaco techniques and outcomes 1 08 Seasoned surgeons share their first-hand experience and observations by Vanessa Caceres O perating on the laser's edge 1 10 Femtosecond cataract outcomes by Maxine Lipner F emtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery complications 1 16 M ost complications occur in the preoperative and intraoperative stages of the laser-assisted p rocedure b y Erin L. Boyle Ethical dilemmas with femtosecond cataract surgery 118 Femtosecond technology presents some ethical hurdles for surgeons by Ellen Stodola Marketing femtosecond for cataract technology 122 Most surgeons take a conservative approach to advertising the laser by Michelle Dalton WORLD VIEW 1 2 Will femto cataract surgery stand the test of time? Kerry D. Solomon, MD N E W S & O P I N I O N 2014 ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress promises exciting program 3 This year's highlights include clinical and practical education as well as special events by Erin L. Boyle Pinpointing eye problems in children with ADD/ADHD 18 Refractive errors perhaps not as common, but other problems may arise more frequently by Vanessa Caceres 18 54 Blindness decreases worldwide over 20-year time span 26 Cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness by Vanessa Caceres Chief medical editor's corner of the world And the winner is … 22 Dr. Chang interviews William Fishkind, MD, who has served as judge, chief judge, and chair of the ASCRS Film Festival for 10 years by David F. Chang, MD ATOM trials find atropine eye drops reduce myopia progression 38 Two studies approach the treatment of myopia in children in one Asian country by Erin L. Boyle Combined Society Symposium offers clear lens extraction overview 36 A symposium on clear lens extraction at the 2013 ESCRS Congress gave attendees expert opinion across the globe by Erin L. Boyle A S C R S • A S O A P R E V I E W OIS to have longer day of programming at ASCRS 48 The Ophthalmology Innovation Summit will consist of nearly a full day of panels and other speakers by Ellen Stodola Better collaboration between ophthalmologists and rheumatologists crucial for patient care 43 The two specialties have a good deal of crossover by Vanessa Caceres Anterior segment grand rounds Double trouble 28 Dr. Safran presents a case that highlights how important it is to screen patients prior to placing presbyopia-correcting IOLs for strabismus and microtropia by Steven G. Safran, MD ASCRS to feature international perspective 52 A revamped international session will offer attendees the best of cataract and refractive research from the latest annual meetings of overseas surgical societies by Rich Daly Film Festival back for another year 50 The ASCRS Film Festival prepares for another year and leadership changes by Ellen Stodola Ophthalmic prestidigitation 40 Predicting which patients are poised for visual decline by Maxine Lipner Insights Beware the depleted ego 46 Dr. Noreika reviews Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength by J.C. Noreika, MD, MBA Binkhorst Lecture to focus on glaucoma innovations 49 This year's Binkhorst Lecture recipient, Iqbal "Ike" K. Ahmed, MD, will discuss microinvasive glaucoma surgery in his talk by Erin L. Boyle BOSTON 2014

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