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Dr. Fishkind: The judges, prior to the annual meeting, view every single video. Those videos that are not c onsistent with the teaching mission of the Festival, are of poor video or sound quality, or have no narration are eliminated. The remaining videos are viewed by the judges on the Thursday and Friday before the ASCRS meeting begins. Deliberations about the merits of the video, the visual and audio quality, and clinical impact of the video ensue. The winners in each category and Grand Prize winners are determined. Often there is impassioned debate over the prize determination. Dr. Chang: Are there any memorable films or clips that the audience never saw? Dr. Fishkind: Memorable clips that the general membership never saw were usually from movies that were not selected for a prize or for consid- eration as a "judges recommended" video. To prevent these clips from falling into oblivion, the category of "Outrageous outtakes" was created. These excerpts are frequently inter- esting or humorous. Thanks to this special category, every segment of audience interest, even when contained in videos that are not selected for awards, can be seen by the membership. Dr. Chang: What ingredients make for a Film Festival winner? Dr. Fishkind: The criteria the judges use for judging the quality of the film are published. It is prudent for prospective producers to review them. From the judges' standpoint it is essential that the video convey a story, have extraordinary video qual- ity, not be a slide show, and exhibit credible narration. Music is impor- tant. The chemistry of the music and narration can have a major impact on the appreciation of the video. Of maximum import, however, is the message of the video. When a video provides a new awareness or r esolves a question with which we all struggle, it becomes memorable. Such videos were the "Phaco Chop" by Dr. Nagahara, which showed us a new way to perform phaco; the over-the-top scientific explanation of neural adaptation by Dr. Shiba; and the anatomic study of "Why Does the Nucleus Fall" by Dr. Osher. They exceed ordinary productions and are remembered as great videos. One standout video I remember was the political farce on Medicare, "Simon Says, The Game of Ophthal- mology vs. Medicare" by Dr. Hosner, whose movie was so compelling and humorous that we had to watch it numerous times to have our absurdity fix. Dr. Chang: What has been the best part of being the Film Festival chair? Dr. Fishkind : The Film Festival has proven itself over many years to be the best of its kind in the world. As such, the films entered are of lofty quality. They are attention grabbing, motivating, instructive, and engag- ing. Many thought-provoking and unique new concepts have been in- troduced to colleagues through the Film Festival. As chairman, I have had the opportunity to review inspirational new techniques and technology. I have guided the Festival to expanded relevance. I have created novel film categories and encouraged our colleagues to produce films. I have engaged in and treasured the extraordinary good fortune to influence a crucial part of the ASCRS meeting, all the while participating in an educational pursuit that surpasses all others. What could be better! EW Contact information Fishkind: wfishkind@earthlink.net And the continued from page 22 T he 2012 Film Festival winners and judges Source (all): EyeWorld 18-47 News_EW March 2014-DL2 copy_Layout 1 3/6/14 2:46 PM Page 24

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