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E W EXHIBITOR INDEX 1 95 WinFame USA Inc. dba: Super I-Care 482 1 3111 Brooks Drive Suite J Baldwin Park CA 91706 United States 626-442-8238 626-442-8239 www.super-i-care.com sales@super-i-care.com WJ Supply: Capsulorhexis.com 1 206 1 133 Hideaway Dr. N St Johns FL 32259 United States 904-201-9498 www.capsulorhexis.com sales@wjsupply.com We are a privately owned company specializing in sales of titanium and stainless surgical instruments focusing on ophthalmology. We provide the highest quality instruments along with personalized service to each of our customers. www.capsulorhexis.com Wolters Kluwer Health 901 Two Commerce Square 2001 Market Street Philadelphia PA 19103 United States 215-521-8300 215-521-8493 www.lww.com customerservice@lww.com Wolters Kluwer Health is a global provider of informa- tion, business intelligence and point-of-care solutions for the healthcare industry. Brands include Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a leading international publisher of medical books, journals, including Cornea, and electronic media. Search our ophthalmology resources at www.lww.com/ophthalmology. X X-Cel Contacts 107 2775 Premiere Parkway Suite 600 Duluth GA 30097 United States 770-622-9235 www.xcelcontacts.com xcelinfo@walman.com From pediatric to presbyope, X-Cel is an industry leading manufacturer of custom soft and gas perme- able contact lenses. With 34 lens designs, we think you will find that our many specialty products offer solutions for all visual needs. When it comes to specialty contact lenses, We Fit Your Practice. Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Instrument Co. Ltd. 306 K aixin Mansion, Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou 221004 China +86 516 87732932 +86 516 87732932 www.kxele.com info@kxele.com Kaixin, a high tech medical ophthalmic company, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, has been engaged in research, development and manufacture in the field of medical ophthalmic ultrasound since 1997. It has been our sincere endeavor to provide the latest breakthrough and state-of-the-art technologies to you. Z Z iemer Ophthalmics 1 517, Suite 4 620 E. Third St. Alton IL 62002 United States 618-462-9301 6 18-462-9302 www.ziemergroup.com Ziemer Ophthalmics develops, manufactures and markets surgical and diagnostic products that focus on corneal and cataract surgery. Products include the Femto LDV Z models, a mobile platform for cornea, presbyopic and cataract procedures, as well as the Galilei G4 Dual Scheimpflug analyzer with integrated Placido disc and G6 with added biometry. EW B f Summary: l pr ormation. To r CTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact Bausch & Lomb at 1-800-323-0000 or FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or www.fda.go atch INDICATIONS AND USAGE LOTEMAX is a corticost oid indicat a f post- ativ inflammation and pain following ocular sur . DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Inv t o fil for ling drops. o two drops of LOTEMAX int onjunctival sac o ff y y aft ontinuing thr - ativ CONTRAINDICATIONS LOTEMAX, as with o orticost oids, is contraindicat most vir a and conjunctiv x k a atitis), vaccinia, and varic la, and also in mycobact y f ocular structur . WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS Intraocular Pr Pr f corticost oids may r op f f vision. St f glaucoma. If this pr or 10 day , intraocular pr or Cataracts f corticost oids may r apsular cataract formation. y aling f st oids aft ataract sur aling and incr orma ausing thinning o a orations hav wn to oc f topical st oids tion and r wal o ation or y a physician only aft xamination o of magnification such as slit lamp biomicroscop opriat , fluor Bact Pr f corticost oids may suppr thus incr ard o ondary ocular inf . In acut conditions o y , st oids may mask inf xisting inf Viral Inf Emplo f a corticost a a f pa a history o x r at c f ocular st oids may pr xac t v f many viral inf o y x). Fungal Inf Fungal inf ctions of th corn a ar particularly pron to d v lop coincid ntally with long-t al st oid application. Fungus inv in an al ulc a . Fungal cultur opriat . C ar Pa t w ar c apy with LOTEMAX. ADVERSE REACTIONS Adv actions associat vat intraocular pr , which ma t f , post apsular cataract forma y ondary ocular inf om pa x oration o is thinning o a. ommon adv actions r inflamma y or tion (2%). USE IN SPECIFIC POPULATIONS Pr T at f at . Lot tabonat wn t oto y ossification) and t at , abnormal ft common carotid art , and limb f xur ally to rabbits during or f 3 mg/kg/da maximum daily clinic t oxicity. - ff v ff as 0.5 mg/kg/day ximum daily clinic al tr a f rats during or at t t ≥5 mg/ kg/da ft palat t ≥50 mg/kg/day) and otoxicity (incr -implanta t 100 mg/kg/day and tal body w tal ossification with ≥50 mg/kg/day). Tr a f rats with 0.5 mg/kg/da ximum clinic during or t r y r oductiv oxicity. Lot tabonat as mat ly toxic (significantly r tr a o pr ats during or of ≥5 mg/kg/day. Or xposur f f ats to 50 mg/kg/day of lot tabonat om f lactation, a mat ly toxic tr a v o owth and survival, and r tar v ffspring during lacta ff as 5 mg/kg/day. Lot tabonat ff ation o administ ally to pr ats a o 50 mg/kg/da f t l control LOTEMA t fit t tus. Nursing Mo It is not kno opical ophthalmic administration of corticost oids could r st tion to produc t in human milk. Syst ar in human milk and could suppr growth, int orticost oid production, or c untowar ff . C x OTEMAX is administ to a nursing woman. P Saf ff tric pa v No ov all diff f ff v tw . NONCLINICAL TOXICOLOGY Car Long-t v onduct valuat car t f lot tabonat . Lot tabonat as no toxic in vitro y, or in a chr ation t , or in vivo y. Tr a ats with up to 50 mg/kg/day and 25 mg/kg/day of lot tabonat , r , (600 ximum clinic , r o and during mating did not impair f . PATIENT COUNSELING INFORMATION Administration Inv t o fil for ling drops. Risk of Contamination Pa t to allo o touch any surfac , as this may contaminat C ar Pa t to w ar c OTEMAX. Risk o ondary Inf v , r , itching or inflamma avat pa o consult a physician. FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION, PLEASE READ THE PRESCRIBING INFORMATION. Bausch & Lomb Incorporat Tampa, Florida 33637 USA US Pat . 5,800,807 ©Bausch & Lomb Incorporat ®/™ ar f Bausch & Lomb Incorporat ffiliat . 9303400 March 2014 170-195 Exhibitors_EW March 2014-DL_Layout 1 3/6/14 4:37 PM Page 195

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