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E W MEETING REPORTER 1 63 Noecker said. Glaucoma surgery is rapidly evolving to become safer with efficacy approaching tradi- t ional procedures. Earlier surgical intervention and sustained drug de- livery systems will be used more fre- quently in the near future, he said. Managing the complex c ataract patient Topics included in this session fo- cused on small pupil management, i ris retractor rings and hooks, viscoelastic choices, and zonular in- stability. Lisa Park, MD, New York, discussed viscoelastic choices to im- prove surgical outcomes. Viscoelas- tics have been around for a while, but the knowledge and understand- ing of the different types can be helpful. Dr. Park covered the types o f viscoelastics, which are cohesives and dispersives. She highlighted some of the differences between the two. A cohesive likes to stick to itself, she said, and it creates and maintains space, however it also has a low protection factor for the en- dothelium. Meanwhile, a dispersive offers more protection for the en- dothelium, it is more liquid-like and selectively isolates tissue. Think care- fully and choose a viscoelastic based on the clinical scenario that you are facing, Dr. Park said. EW Editors' note: Dr. Henderson has finan- cial interest with Alcon and Bausch + Lomb. Dr. Donnenfeld has financial interests with Abbott Medical Optics, AcuFocus, Alcon, Allergan, AqueSys, Bausch + Lomb, Cataract and Refrac- tive Surgery Today, Elenza, Glaukos, Kala Pharmaceuticals, LacriSciences, Mati Therapeutics, Mimetogen Pharma- ceuticals, Novabay Pharmaceuticals, Ocular Therapeutix, Odyssey, Rapid Pathogen Screening, SARcode Bio- science, Strathspey Crown, TearLab, TearScience, TrueVision Systems, and WaveTec Vision Systems. Dr. Raviv has financial interests with Abbott Medical Optics, Bausch + Lomb, and WaveTec Vision Systems. Dr. Sperber has finan- cial interests with Alcon and Allergan. Dr. Solomon has financial interests with Abbott Medical Optics, Alcon, AqueSys, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Glaukos, Nidek, Sony, and WaveTec Vision Systems. Dr. Noecker has financial interests with Alcon, Allergan, AqueSys, Endo Optiks, Glaukos, InnFocus, Inotek P harmaceuticals, IOP, Lumenis, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation, Ocular Therapeutix, Quantel Medical, and Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Drs. Park and Dodick have no financial interests related to their presentations. March 2014 160-163 MR ReACT_EW March 2014-DL_Layout 1 3/6/14 4:27 PM Page 163

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