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E W MEETING REPORTER 1 53 Dr. Steinert said the new item he is using in practice is the OPD-Scan III (Nidek, Fremont, Calif.), an ad- v anced vision-assessment system that combines topography, wave- front, autorefraction, keratometry, and pupillometry to analyze corneal aberration. When the audience was polled on which technologies they find the most exciting, MIGS was the number one answer. But when MIGS isn't enough, another option c oming down the pipe is the InnFocus MicroShunt, according to Dr. Condon who spoke in the "New technology on the horizon" segment. The shunt, which is not yet FDA approved, is for more ad- vanced disease when the surgeon is aiming for more effective pressure lowering, Dr. Condon said. "So far t he results have been quite opti- mistic. It's a very straightforward procedure to do." Editors' note: Dr. Donnenfeld has financial interests with Abbott Medical Optics, Alcon, and Bausch + Lomb. Drs. Bakewell, Steinert, and Condon have no financial interests related to their presentations. Sunday, February 16 The ASCRS•ASOA Winter Update program opened on Sunday with "My Top 5 Pearls," where a number of physicians shared their pearls for dealing with specific situations and conditions. The session was moder- ated by David F. Chang, MD, Los Altos, Calif., and it also featured Roger F. Steinert, MD, Irvine, Calif., Vincent P. de Luise, MD, Waterbury, Conn., Richard A. Lewis, MD, Sacramento, Calif., Brock K. Bakewell, MD, Tucson, Ariz., Thomas W. Samuelson, MD, Minneapolis, Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, Rockville Centre, N.Y., Jonathan B. Rubenstein, MD, Chicago, and Kerry D. Solomon, MD, Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Dr. de Luise gave pearls for phacoemulsification in eyes with keratopathy. "Cataract surgery is virtually always elective," he said. "Treat the keratopathy first." He also advised to stabilize the corneal surface and optimize pre- corneal tear film. It is only after all of this is done that you should pro- c eed with phaco, Dr. de Luise said. Dr. Lewis also discussed phaco and offered pearls specifically for phaco in glaucoma patients. His five pearls involved dilation, premium lens offerings for glaucoma patients, femtosecond laser cataract surgery, whether or not to stop or continue glaucoma meds, and the combina- tion of glaucoma and cataract sur- gery. "Dilation is a very important i ssue in glaucoma patients undergo- ing cataract surgery," Dr. Lewis said. For premium IOLs in glaucoma pa- tients, Dr. Lewis said toric IOLs can be useful, and it's surprising how few are used. With these IOLs, preopera- tive measurements and meticulous surgery are essential for good results. Multifocal IOLs, on the other hand, have very limited use in glaucoma patients with field loss, he said. For t hese premium lenses, the determi- nation of axis and power are ex- tremely important, which involve manual Ks, auto Ks, and topography. Dr. Lewis' next point was about femtosecond laser cataract surgery for glaucoma patients. "The patient interface does cause a slight pressure March 2014 continued on page 154 149-159 MR WU2014_EW March 2014-DL2_Layout 1 3/6/14 4:21 PM Page 153

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