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E W FEATURE 124 Dr. Kontos "wanted to make sure we g ot our feelings about the femto laser out there." E ducating patients Dr. Kontos also markets internally to his patients, and about 25% of his patients opt for the laser. "We're try- ing to expand that, and expand our specialty lens practice as well," he said. "We're trying not to get too technical with patients unless they s pecifically ask about the laser or want to know how it functions. For most patients, just saying we'll be doing laser surgery is enough." With a high volume practice, Dr. Thompson does not currently market the laser itself. "We have chosen not to go out and center our message around the l aser, but center it around vision. We ask our patients what kind of vision t hey want to have after cataract surgery: trifocals, good distance vi- sion but don't mind readers (maybe that's a toric lens as well), or do they want to go for it all—it's our most premium package—with a multifo- cal or accommodating lens and min- imal reliance on glasses?" he said. With "only so many ways to cut a pie," Dr. Gills separates costs and line items charges. "There are defi- nite advantages for the femto in some patients, and we expect that aspect of our business to grow. How we're going to price it will change over time." He likened cataract surgery to the airlines—where once p assengers paid one flat fee, now they must pay in increments for the same outcomes. Think globally and act locally, advised Dr. Gordon who said he opted to only perform laser-based cataract surgery after listening to Michael Lawless, MD, in Australia. "My partners are excellent cataract surgeons, whether they use the laser or not. I won't perform cataract surgery without the laser be- c ause that's how I evolved from a re- fractive-based perspective," he said. There's no need to advertise the benefits of the laser, Dr. Gills said. "Just do your best job with the best technology. Femto for cataract is probably the most exciting change I've seen in ophthalmology since I've started practicing. It's got a long a nd bright future." E W Editors' note: Drs. Doane, Gills, and Gordon have no financial interests related to this article. Dr. Kontos has financial interests with Abbott Medical Optics (Santa Ana, Calif.). Dr. Thompson has financial interests w ith Abbott Medical Optics, Alcon, and WaveTec (Aliso Viejo, Calif.). Contact information Doane: jdoane@discovervision.com Gills: pit@stlukeseye.com Gordon: mgordon786@gmail.com Kontos: mark.kontos@empireeye.com Thompson: vance.thompson@vancethompsonvision.com February 2011 Femtosecond phaco techniques March 2014 Marketing continued from page 123 HD Video Solutions Come visit us @ ASCRS in Boston, booth # 707 Made in USA TTI Medical Toll free: 800-322-7373 Digital Eyepiece Digital SLR Camera Upgrades Digital Photography Solutions for Slit Lamp Imaging ital Dig Slit Lamp Solutions Photography ital ing Slit Lamp Imag for Solutions Photography Camera Upgrades ital SLR Dig lit Lamp Camera Upgrades ital SLR ing Slit Lamp Imag ital Eyepiece Dig ital Eyepiece Camera Upgrades HD Video Come visit us @ ASCRS in Boston, booth # 707 Made in USA Come visit us @ ASCRS in Boston, booth # 707 Come visit us @ ASCRS in Boston, booth # 707 Solutions HD Video TTI Medical o Toll f TTI Medical Made in USA ee: 800-322-7373 r oll f TTI Medical ee: 800-322-7373 Cheers 84 Beacon Street 617-227-9605 www.cheersboston.com Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale 48 Temple Place 617-426-0048 www.stoddardsfoodandale.com Arc Lounge and Night Club 835 Beacon Street 857-350-3799 arcnightclub.com The Estate 1 Boylston Place 617-351-7000 www.theestateboston.com House of Blues Boston 15 Lansdowne Street 888-693-2583 www.houseofblues.com RISE 306 Stuart Street 617-423-7473 www.riseclub.us Underbar 275 Tremont Street 617-292-0080 www.underbaronline.com Whisky Saigon 116 Boylston Street 617-482-7799 www.whiskysaigon.com Boston nightlife: Quick guide 108-125 Feature_EW March 2014-DL2_Layout 1 3/6/14 3:59 PM Page 124

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