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A S C R S World view The official publication of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery EyeWorld in 2013 T he January issue is when we direct our attention posteriorly toward the retina. This month, our cover focus is based on a special symposium organized by our Retina Clinical Committee at the last ASCRS Annual Meeting—"Retina pharmacotherapy for the anterior segment surgeon." With the help of the committee, we present four different articles that cover the David F. Chang, M.D. latest therapies for diabetic retinopathy, AMD, EyeWorld chief medical editor vitreomacular traction, and pharmacology for cataract patients with retinopathy. I hope that you enjoy reading the vitreoretinal specialist's perspective on these common conditions that we all see. January is also a chance to look ahead to several new EyeWorld columns that will debut in 2013. Retina Clinical Committee chair Keith Warren, M.D., will oversee a column in which his committee members discuss common vitreoretinal challenges that confront cataract surgeons. Rich Tipperman, M.D., will author a column on the "art" of advanced technology IOLs that focuses on non-surgical practice tips in communicating with refractive cataract patients. I have invited Liliana Werner, M.D., and Nick Mamalis, M.D., to produce a case-based CPC column on IOL complications. This will be derived from their research using the vast collection of cases from the David J. Apple Lab at the Moran Eye Center in Utah. Finally, John Vukich, M.D., will regularly profile selected ophthalmic industry leaders in a column called "Discussions from the corner office." These new entries will further expand EyeWorld's lineup of special interest columns under the direction of individual expert editors. During the past year we added "Cataract M&M rounds," the bimonthly column on intraoperative complications from Thomas Oetting, M.D. This complements two other regular columns geared toward resident education— "Tips from the teachers," which is edited by Sherleen Chen, M.D., and Roberto Pineda, M.D., and "EyeWorld journal club." For advanced surgical topics, we continue to have "Tools & techniques" edited by Rich Hoffman, M.D., "Complicated cataract cases," edited by Kevin Miller, M.D., and "Anterior segment grand rounds" featuring challenging case presentations by Steven Safran, M.D. We added two non-clinical columns this past year. Medical ethicist and ASCRS board member John Banja, Ph.D., writes a regular column on "Ethical issues in everyday ophthalmologic practice," and J.C. Noreika, M.D., authors a thought-provoking op-ed column, "Insights." Finally, our section editors continue to direct their personal "Corner of the world" columns in which they highlight topics of special interest to cataract (Bonnie Henderson, M.D.), refractive (Kerry Solomon, M.D.), cornea (Ed Holland, M.D.), glaucoma (Reay Brown, M.D.), and international surgeons (John Vukich, M.D.). I am very proud of EyeWorld's unique lineup of special columns, and on behalf of our readers, I want to thank each of these column editors for their productivity and creativity throughout the year. Our most exciting development is the newly launched digital version of EyeWorld, which allows you to view each issue on your desktop, laptop, or iPad through www.digital.eyeworld.org. You will love the iPad version (an EyeWorld first), which allows page swiping and viewing of videos without leaving the page. You can download PDFs of individual pages or entire issues, and every issue from 2012 is already archived and available in these formats. This makes it easy to "clip and save" articles for future reference or to share them with colleagues by email, Facebook, or Twitter. Best of all, this makes EyeWorld and Ophthalmology Business freely available to every ophthalmologist worldwide and with faster access than by mail. Please spread the word to your colleagues, especially abroad. This is EyeWorld's gift to all ophthalmologists around the globe, along with our best wishes for a happy and successful new year. David F. Chang, M.D., EyeWorld chief medical editor January 2013 Volume 18 • No. 1 P U B L I S H I N G S TA F F Publisher Enette Ngoei don@eyeworld.org Matt Young Donald R. Long Editorial Editor Jena Passut jena@eyeworld.org Managing Editor Stacy Majewicz stacy@eyeworld.org Senior Staff Writer Erin Boyle erin@eyeworld.org Singapore Malaysia Rich Daly Arlington, Virginia Senior Contributing Writer Maxine Lipner Nyack, New York Advertising Sales ASCRSMedia 4000 Legato Road Suite 700 Fairfax, VA 22033 ellen@eyeworld.org 703-591-2220 fax: 703-591-0614 eyeworld@eyeworld.org www.eyeworld.org Production Advertising Sales Graphic Designer Jeff Brownstein Julio Guerrero jeff@eyeworld.org julio@eyeworld.org 703-788-5745 Production Manager Paul Zelin Staff Writer Ellen Stodola Cathy Stern cathy@eyeworld.org 703-383-5702 Production Assistant Daniela Galeano daniela@eyeworld.org Contributing Writers Vanessa Caceres Lakeland, Florida Michelle Dalton Reading, Pennsylvania paul@eyeworld.org 703-383-5729 Classified Sales Cathy Stern cathy@eyeworld.org 703-383-5702 EyeWorld Special Projects and Events Jessica Donohoe jessica@eyeworld.org 703-591-2220 ASCRS Publisher: EYEWORLD (ISSN 1089-0084) is published monthly by ASCRS Ophthalmic Services Corp., 4000 Legato Road, Suite 700, Fairfax, VA 22033-4055; telephone: 703-591-2220; fax: 703-591-0614. 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