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October 2012 EyeWorld launches new digital edition By Jena Passut EyeWorld Editor B eginning this month, EyeWorld will expand its reach by launching a new digital edition at www.digital.eyeworld.org. The move will enhance EyeWorld's other digital offerings, including a rapidly expanding presence on so- cial media, a newly formatted news e-blast and live meeting coverage that offers video interviews. "EyeWorld already enjoys one of the widest international print circu- lations of any ophthalmic trade journal," said EyeWorld Chief Med- ical Editor David F. Chang, M.D., also president of the American Soci- ety of Cataract and Refractive Sur- gery and clinical professor of oph- thalmology, University of California, San Francisco. "However, we believe that our reporting and educational effectiveness can be significantly en- hanced by online features such as video interviews, surgical movies, in- teractive comments and the digital edition. This also delivers our con- tent to an even wider global audi- ence, and having a bigger presence in social media will be the next logi- cal step. Ultimately, ophthalmolo- gists will benefit by having more timely and expanded coverage of the stories and topics that they are interested in." continued on page 10 www.digital.eyeworld.org Indication: The LenSx® Laser is indicated for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery for removal of the crystalline lens. Intended uses in cataract surgery include anterior capsulotomy, phacofragmentation, and the creation of single plane and multi-plane arc cuts/incisions in the cornea, each of which may be performed either individually or consecutively during the same procedure. Caution: United States Federal Law restricts this device to sale and use by or on the order of a physician or licensed eye care practitioner. United States Federal Law restricts the use of this device to practitioners who have been trained in the operation of this device. Restrictions: t 1BUJFOUT NVTU CF BCMF UP MJF øBU BOE NPUJPOMFTT JO B TVQJOF QPTJUJPO t 1BUJFOU NVTU CF BCMF UP VOEFSTUBOE BOE HJWF BO JOGPSNFE DPOTFOU t 1BUJFOUT NVTU CF BCMF UP UPMFSBUF MPDBM PS UPQJDBM BOFTUIFTJB t 1BUJFOUT XJUI FMFWBUFE *01 TIPVME VTF UPQJDBM TUFSPJET POMZ VOEFS DMPTF NFEJDBM supervision. Contraindications: t $PSOFBM EJTFBTF UIBU QSFDMVEFT BQQMBOBUJPO PG UIF DPSOFB PS USBOTNJTTJPO PG MBTFS light at 1030 nm wavelength t %FTDFNFUPDFMF XJUI JNQFOEJOH DPSOFBM SVQUVSF t 1SFTFODF PG CMPPE PS PUIFS NBUFSJBM JO UIF BOUFSJPS DIBNCFS t 1PPSMZ EJMBUJOH QVQJM TVDI UIBU UIF JSJT JT OPU QFSJQIFSBM UP UIF JOUFOEFE EJBNFUFS for the capsulotomy t $POEJUJPOT XIJDI XPVME DBVTF JOBEFRVBUF DMFBSBODF CFUXFFO UIF JOUFOEFE capsulotomy depth and the endothelium (applicable to capsulotomy only) t 1SFWJPVT DPSOFBM JODJTJPOT UIBU NJHIU QSPWJEF B QPUFOUJBM TQBDF JOUP XIJDI UIF gas produced by the procedure can escape t $PSOFBM UIJDLOFTT SFRVJSFNFOUT UIBU BSF CFZPOE UIF SBOHF PG UIF TZTUFN t $PSOFBM PQBDJUZ UIBU XPVME JOUFSGFSF XJUI UIF MBTFS CFBN t )ZQPUPOZ HMBVDPNB PS UIF QSFTFODF PG B DPSOFBM JNQMBOU t 3FTJEVBM SFDVSSFOU BDUJWF PDVMBS PS FZFMJE EJTFBTF JODMVEJOH BOZ DPSOFBM abnormality (for example, recurrent corneal erosion, severe basement membrane disease) t 5IJT EFWJDF JT OPU JOUFOEFE GPS VTF JO QFEJBUSJD TVSHFSZ t " IJTUPSZ PG MFOT XJUI [POVMBS JOTUBCJMJUZ t "OZ DPOUSBJOEJDBUJPO UP DBUBSBDU PS LFSBUPQMBTUZ TVSHFSZ Attention: 3FGFSFODF UIF %JSFDUJPOT GPS 6TF MBCFMJOH GPS B DPNQMFUF MJTUJOH PG JOEJDBUJPOT warnings and precautions. Warnings: The LenSx® Laser System should only be operated by a physician trained in its use. Digital spread shown on a desktop with one-touch hotlinks to all stories on the table of content, making navigating throughout the book easy The LenSx® Laser delivery system employs one sterile disposable LenSx® Laser 1BUJFOU *OUFSGBDF DPOTJTUJOH PG BO BQQMBOBUJPO MFOT BOE TVDUJPO SJOH 5IF 1BUJFOU Interface is intended for single use only. The disposables used in conjunction XJUI "-$0/¥ JOTUSVNFOU QSPEVDUT DPOTUJUVUF B DPNQMFUF TVSHJDBM TZTUFN 6TF PG EJTQPTBCMFT PUIFS UIBO UIPTF NBOVGBDUVSFE CZ "MDPO NBZ BòFDU TZTUFN QFSGPSNBODF BOE DSFBUF QPUFOUJBM IB[BSET The physician should base patient selection criteria on professional experience, QVCMJTIFE MJUFSBUVSF BOE FEVDBUJPOBM DPVSTFT "EVMU QBUJFOUT TIPVME CF TDIFEVMFE to undergo cataract extraction. Precautions: t %P OPU VTF DFMM QIPOFT PS QBHFST PG BOZ LJOE JO UIF TBNF SPPN BT UIF -FO4Y¥ Laser. t %JTDBSE VTFE 1BUJFOU *OUFSGBDFT BT NFEJDBM XBTUF AEs/Complications: t $BQTVMPUPNZ QIBDPGSBHNFOUBUJPO PS DVU PS JODJTJPO EFDFOUSBUJPO t *ODPNQMFUF PS JOUFSSVQUFE DBQTVMPUPNZ GSBHNFOUBUJPO PS DPSOFBM JODJTJPO procedure iPad version allows easy page selection with a conven- ient filmstrip along the bottom of the page in portrait or landscape mode. A simple swipe allows viewers to navi- gate from page to page. t $BQTVMBS UFBS t $PSOFBM BCSBTJPO PS EFGFDU t 1BJO t *OGFDUJPO t #MFFEJOH t %BNBHF UP JOUSBPDVMBS TUSVDUVSFT t "OUFSJPS DIBNCFS øVJE MFBLBHF BOUFSJPS DIBNCFS DPMMBQTF t &MFWBUFE QSFTTVSF UP UIF FZF ª /PWBSUJT -49 +"%

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