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Howcan you hit amoving target? Eyesmove. Eyes rotate. Pupils shift. Shouldn't your LASIK treatment keep up? AAO's Femto Forum focuses on technology's potential in cataract surgery by Vanessa Caceres EyeWorld Contributing Writer Panelists to discuss real-life application and limitations I s the buzz over femtosecond technology use in cataract sur- gery sizzle or steak, as the old expression goes? Attendees at this year's AAO symposium "Femto Forum: Cataract, Cornea, Refractive, and Beyond" will hear from specialists who will weigh in on the hottest topic in ophthalmol- ogy right now. The forum, co-sponsored by ASCRS, will feature a variety of short presentations on how femtosecond technology in cataract surgery works and what its future potential uses are. However, presenters will aim to steer clear of hyperbole. "There is tremendous enthusi- asm about femtosecond laser use in ophthalmology," said program co-chair Stephen S. Lane M.D., medical director, Associated Eye Care, and adjunct professor, Univer- sity of Minnesota, Minneapolis. "This year we are emphasizing the current uses of femtosecond tech- nology in all aspects of ophthalmic surgical care, including its use in refractive as well as cataract surgery." "The forum is an opportunity to explore what's known and where we see the future going with this technology," said fellow program co-chair Roger F. Steinert, M.D., professor of ophthalmology, University of California, Irvine. The Monday afternoon Femto Forum symposium dovetails nicely with the focus on cataract surgery in some of the Monday morning sessions, Dr. Steinert said. Last year, the symposium co- sponsored by ASCRS at the AAO meeting focused on cataract tech- nology. "This year's Femto Forum promises to be a new and fresh continuation of last year's program," Dr. Lane said. The schedule The forum will cover various aspects of femto technology. For example, Stephen Slade, M.D., Houston, and Michael Knorz, M.D., Mannheim, Germany, will focus on presbyopia in their respective talks "Intra- corneal inlays for presbyopia" and "Presbyopia-correction corneal shaping." William Fishkind, M.D., Tuc- son, Ariz., and William Culbertson, M.D., Miami, will both lead sessions on nucleus disassembly. Astigmatism will be the focus of "Intrastromal astigmatic kerato- tomy," led by Roberto Zaldivar, M.D., Argentina. Tibor Juhasz, Ph.D., Irvine, Calif., will discuss whether femtosec- ond lasers can potentially treat glaucoma. Other sessions include "Under- standing femtosecond laser technol- ogy: What every surgeon should know," led by Dr. Steinert; "Fem- tosecond technology in LASIK," led by Steven Schallhorn, M.D., San Diego; "Incisions for cataract sur- gery," led by Perry S. Binder, M.D., San Diego; Dr. Lane's "Anterior capsulotomy"; "Strength of FS anterior capsulotomy," led by Gerd Auffarth, M.D., Heidelberg, Germany; and "Economic considera- tions," led by Kevin Miller, M.D., Los Angeles. The forum will conclude with a panel discussion. "Forums like this allow us the opportunity to separate the hype from the reality," Dr. Lane said. Ultimately, attendees should be able to take the information gleaned from the forum and use it in their practice, Dr. Steinert said. "Attendees will get practical information that they can use today or tomorrow," he said. The Femto Forum will take place from 2-4 p.m. in McCormick Place, North Hall B. EW continued on page 44 Some of the products and/or specific features aswell as the procedures featured in this document may not be approved in your country and thus may not be available there. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice as a result of ongoing technical development. Please contact our regional representative regarding individual availability in your respective market. The trademarks (™and ®) and logos used in this document are the property of Technolas PerfectVision GmbH or the respective owner. kbcomunicacion. Ref.TPV-008/02-2012 ©2012Technolas PerfectVision GmbH. All rights reserved. Advanced Control Eye Tracker (ACE) for the TECHNOLAS 217z100 Excimer Laser Platform is the most comprehensive eye tracker available in the US. Complete compensation of rotational errors, both static and dynamic, from diagnostics to the very end of the ablation. Instantaneous adjustment of the ablation profile as the eye rotates. Increased precision through iris recognition for all treatments –wavefront-guided, cylinder, or sphere only. Peace of mind for you and your patients. ACE has you covered. Technolas PerfectVision Inc 3365 Tree Court Industrial Blvd. St. LouisMo. 63122 Customer Service 1-888 704 3601- Domestic Customer Service 636-226 3600 - International Technolas PerfectVisionGmbH Messerschmittstr. 1 + 3 80992München, Germany www.technolasPV.com

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