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40 EW AAO PREVIEW October 2012 November 10-13, 2012 OIS: Exploring new vistas for innovation by Maxine Lipner Senior EyeWorld Contributing Writer Ophthalmology leaders to gather with an eye toward pivotal advancements A O The Op e Ophthalmology I adv enture capit aa ecutiv xxecutive summary presentations and interactive pan oal of br e sum I onl y attendd evvents that proo vide the he '' HHBBLL bbll mmaaZZmm ff^^^^mmbbgg``'' aay forum enaables myself and our team to st y cur ent and add value to our business par ners in t he phthalmology space. y forum ena phthalmology space."" OK yself and our team to staay currrent and add value to our business partntners in the – Ev Evan M. Nortton Direct A, on, Director, A Abbott Vee Abb IIkk^^ll^^ggmmbbgg`` KOKKOO HH ll mm^^\\aagghheehh``rr ZZmm HHBBLL aaZZll ZZmmmmkkZZ\\mm^^ ]] ZZ eehhmm hh__ bbggmm^^kk^^llmm __kkhhff bbggoo^^llmmhhkkll%% \\eebbggbb\\bbZZggll%% ZZgg]] rrategic compp panies. .. "" – R 9_]f\ L`] Q]Yj aJf] na]o HjnaYl] <]an[] ;gehYfq K`go[Yk] HjanYl] H`Yj Ye GAK ;`YaAG K ;`YajeYf2 eYf2 9\nakgkgjq :gYj :gYj\ E]eZ] k eZ]jk2 9 2 eY ;gehYfq K`go[Yk] HjanYl@]]Ydl` [Yj] AL ;gehYfq K`go[Yk] EYjc]l MY\hl ] na]o ^jge l`] hmZda[ k][lgj _]f\YY @a_`da_`lk _`da_`lk L` ] JgY\ lg Km[[]k k GAK AffgnYlagf 9oYj\ Private Funding and Exit Trends D]Y\af_ ^gj Km[[]kk % D]kkgfk ^jge Km[[]kk^md K]jaYd ;=Gk Hjg^]kkgj$ M;K> =m_]f] <]BmYf$ E< Partner gmf\] gmf\]j j Attending Surgeon E ff]kglEaff]a kglY =q] ;gfkm =q] ;gfkmddlYflk flk ljge$ E<< C 9f_]dY EY Hj ka\]f l & Hj]ka\]fl gjKa_ C& 9f_]dY EY[^YjdYf]dYf] ;=G =G >gjKa_` DY`l DYZk KYZZja EYja EYjcYZa$ Ea$ E<< ;` ]^ E]\a[ d G^ a[] HHj]ka\]fl KY 9 [gf DYZgjY g a] ;`a]^ E]\a K & Na[]Kj & Nj 9d[gf DYd a[Yd G^ÚÚ[]j ]j gjYllgjja]kk$ Af[ ka\]fl J J < f[. Bae EYBae EYrrgrr Presi esiddent 9ZZgll Ell E]\a[Yd Ghl [k Af Sr. Vice Pr 9ZZgll DYZgjYlgja]k ice President ll D Z [Yd Ghlaa[k Af[[& a OaaddaYe B& Dafc$ H`< Verersant Ventures ddaYe B& Dafc$ H` < Managing Director entur o < na =p][mlan] NH$$ ;= degdg_q " "

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