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26 EW NEWS & OPINION Digital continued from page 24 Texas). This app was the brainchild of two doctors, Tim C. Gueramy, M.D., and Tracey Haas, D.O. The couple was out celebrating their first wedding anniversary when Dr. Gueramy was paged by a resident to come in to operate on what was purportedly an open fracture. At the hospital, however, Dr. Gueramy found that the resident was mis- taken and the fracture was not of immediate concern but instead was something that should have been followed up on during office hours. "Four hours later I met my wife at home and we had a very lively dis- cussion about how we could make this better," Dr. Gueramy said. The iPhone had just come out a few months earlier and Dr. Gueramy has a tech background. The pair felt there had to be a way to get an X-ray onto the phone. October 2012 Practice Makes Perfect KITARO®Kits. The Revolutionary Training Tool to Practice Cataract Surgery The KITARO WetLab system has a high-quality artificial cornea & cataract lens allowing you to practice: • Creating Appropriate Incisions • Filling the Anterior Chamber • Performing CCC • Executing Hydrodissection & Hydrodelineation • Grooving & Splitting the Nucleus • Emulsification & Aspiration • Removing the Cortex • IOL Implantation The KITARO DryLab system allows you to quickly improve your cataract surgical skills including: • Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis • Nucleus Dividing • Phacoemulsification • Wound Construction & IOL Insertion With DocBookMD, it is possible to securely transfer images for consultations with other practitioners Source: Tim C. Gueramy, M.D. Now 4 years in, the app is up and running. The DocbookMD model involves partnering with vari- ous medical societies. "All of their members get the (organization's) directory on their phone, and inside of that directory there is a HIPPA- compliant messaging system," Dr. Gueramy said. Members can then send messages to other society mem- bers who have signed up, all avail- able in a HIPPA-compliant manner. All of the data is stored on the DocbookMD server so if the phone is lost or stolen, this is not compro- mised. With the app, rather than Visit FCI-Ophthalmics.com/ Cataract#Kitaro & watch the KITARO Training video. FCI-Ophthalmics.com 800.932.4202 Call us at 800-932-4202 to receive promotional pricing on your first KITARO WetLab & DryLab Kit. try to describe an eye tumor, an emergency room doctor can take a picture and send this to an ophthal- mologist on DocbookMD to get input. "What a fantastic way to transfer a lot of information," Dr. Gueramy said. DocbookMD is also one place where it doesn't matter what EHR system someone is using. Despite the fact that these systems may not talk to one another, the information can be exchanged through Doc- bookMD. This can allow a doctor to consolidate all of the patient's infor- mation. "I wanted to be able to sit at my desk, have my patient in front of me, and collect all of the data into one place and send it to the doc (for a consult)," Dr. Gueramy said. "That's what DocbookMD does." Overall, Dr. Gueramy sees the app as a way to enhance communi- cation among ophthalmologists throughout the world, no matter where they practice. EW continued on page 27 NEW

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