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October 2012 EW MEETING REPORTER 111 Dr. Astle added that he prefers sur- face procedures because there is less chance of endothelial damage. Other indications for surface procedures on children include in- tolerance of spectacles or contacts, neuro-behavioral disorders, craniofa- cial anomalies, or accommodative strabismus. "The time is now, not 10 years from now," he said about using the procedures on the select group of children. Controversies in cataract and refractive surgery Debates continued during a spirited yet friendly discussion Sunday after- noon—this time about the advan- tages and disadvantages of using a femtosecond laser during cataract surgery. Pro-femto speaker Burkhard Dick, M.D., Bochum, Germany, faced off against Steve A. Arshinoff, M.D., Ontario, Canada, who readily admitted that he admired the tech- nology but has problems with cer- tain aspects of it. Prof. Dick said key advantages to femto technology include better outcomes in corneal incisions, cap- sulotomy, low to zero ultrasound, and improved visual acuity. "For me, it's the indication in challenging cases," he added. Prof. Dick asserted that femto technology offers better CCC param- eters and IOL centration, as well as fewer internal aberrations and better optical quality. Surgeons also can ex- pect a lower deviation from target refraction as well as better pre- dictability of IOL power, less corneal trauma and swelling. While he said the technology is intriguing, Dr. Arshinoff said he has two major problems with it. "Femtosecond lasers are less adaptable to unusual circumstances than the hand of a surgeon," he said. "They remove a large part of the art from cataract surgery." The devices also are still too ex- pensive right now, Dr. Arshinoff ar- gued. DUOTape Now Available in a Larger Size for CATARACT SURGERY TM ■ Contoured to fit the shape of the eyelids ■ Secures all eyelashes out of surgical field ■ Separate pieces for the upper and lower eyelids ■ Sterile, die-cut 3M film with medical- grade adhesive ■ New!DUOTape2 (Ref# G990-2): Larger Size for Cataract Surgery TM Also Available for Cataract Surgery ■ DUOFlo TM Pieces ofDUOTape2 Still Available ■ OriginalDUOTape Retina Procedures TM TM (Ref# G990-3): Includes Fluid Retention Bag and 2 Large (Ref# G991-2): Excellent for LASIK and Ask about other quality supplies for cataract and LASIK surgery To order call 1-800-800-1722 or visit www.eyeshieldtechnology.com Houston, Texas (713) 467-3960 • Fax (713) 973-1652 ©2012 Eye Shield Technology, Inc. Made in the U.S.A. "I hope femtos will one day be easy to use under the same micro- scope as phaco and become maneu- ver-specific and reasonably cheap," Dr. Arshinoff said. He also said he hopes femto technology will become adaptable to remote area surgery and make surgery time shorter, not longer. "I want them to make me feel like my surgical art has been en- hanced, so that I will still love to do it," Dr. Arshinoff said. Editors' note: Prof. Dick has financial interests with Abbott Medical Optics (AMO, Santa Ana, Calif.), Novartis (Basel, Switzerland), OptiMedica (Sun- nyvale, Calif.), and Bausch + Lomb (Rochester, N.Y.). Dr. Arshinoff has fi- nancial interests with Alcon (Fort continued on page 112

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