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96 EW CLASSIFIEDS September 2012 Marketplace and Classifieds 1(:: 3RODUL]HG 7ODULL] 1( 3RODUL]H 7ULD /HQV ]HG 7UULLDO /HQVHHV • • Anatomically correct • • • • W e are also your one stop shop for Pharmaceuticals, Exam Room Supplies, Vision Te T esting, Optical T esting, Optical Tools & Supplies, Medical & Tools & Supplies, Medical & Surgical Supplies, Surgical Instruments. No biohazard xic Non-to Fully Recyclable Made in USA • • • Low Prices Great Product Selection Excellent Customer Service IMPROVE YOUR SURGICAL PRACTICE EYE Modeled after the human eye SURGICAL SKILLS! Suturing • Incisions Phaco • Scleral Flap and more Capsulotomy PKP • LRI Eye Care and Cure 4646 South Overland Drive, T e, Tucson, AZ 85714 Tel: 1-800-486-6169; Fax: 1-877-321-1267 www www.eyecareandcure.com.eyecareandcure.com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time saving tool time saving toolss 800-659-2250 www.guldenophthalmics.co 800-659-2250 www.guldenophthalmics.com Are you a fan of EyeWorld? Like us on Facebook at Find us on social media facebook.com/EyeWorldMagazine Northern Virginia Ophthalmology Practice for Sale, E-Mail ipractice4sale@gmail.com Choose to Work Eye-to-Eye with Our Team of Professionals Columbus Community Hospital is actively recruiting for an Ophthalmologist to join a local private practice in Columbus, Nebraska. This dynamic group is committed to providing outstanding patient care with an appropriate balance between work and family. Ideal candidate is a progressive, general Ophthalmologist who has an interest in cataracts, glaucoma, and refractive and would be interested in a buy-in opportunity to the practice. Your Ad Here Contact Cathy Stern 703-383-5702 or e-mail cstern@eyeworld.org • Group of one Ophthalmologist and six Optometrists practicing primarily general Ophthalmology and Optometry. • The group practices from six locations within a 1 hour radius of Columbus, NE. • Primary clinic building in Columbus, NE is 4 years old and includes many of the latest advances in vision correction. • Full dispensary in each location migrating to NextGen EPM, EHR, and Optix. • Practice also includes visiting Medical Retina physician and Pediatric Ophthamologist. • State-of-the-art Surgery Center features the most advanced equipment and technology. Call 402-562-3371 or go to www.columbushosp.org to learn more. www.columbushosp.org 402-562-3371 HQWPRU RPIRUWD O IRU WKH SDWLH RUH FFXUD UHFRPIRUW HIR WK UDWHWHVWLQJZKHQ LQWULDIU RU RUWDEOHIRUWKHSDWLHQWWLHQLHQW LQJZKHQXVHGIR UDP HV)LLW DOO VWDQGDUGWULDO IUDPHVULDOIUDPHV IHFWWRIURWDLQJ OHQVHV DV LQ WULDO IUDPHVULDOOIUDPHV WVDOOVWDQGDUGWULDIUDP HQVHVDVLQWULD UD EyeWorld @EWNews Follow EyeWorld on Twitter at twitter.com/EWNews

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