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94 EW PRODUCT SHOWCASE September 2012 HRX Vit Lens Volk Optical introduced the HRX (High Resolu- tion eXtreme field) Vit Lens with expanded lens choices, including two sterilization and two contact options. The HRX Vit's wide field ensures visualization of retinal pathologies to the ora serrata. It has a 150-degree field of view and .43x image magnification. The lenses are available with a choice of either a standard contact option or Volk's self-stabiliz- ing vitrectomy design, which eliminates the need for sutures or stabilizing rings. Volk Optical volk.com Treatmydme.com Iridex launched treatmydme.com, an educational website for those with diabetic macular edema (DME). The website provides information about DME, describes MPLT, and addresses patients' expectations before, during, and after treatment. MPLT is a retina- sparing solution for the treatment of DME. MPLT also can be used in conjunction with drug therapy, allowing complete and opti- mized management of DME without laser- induced retinal damage. Patients, physicians, and industry specialists are invited to visit the website for more information. Iridex www.treatmydme.com Ophthalmology Business: August 2012 eZine now online! www.ophthalmologybusiness.org Feature: Preparing for trial Experts weigh in on how to evaluate claims in cases where you're asked to be an expert witness If you build it, they will come The importance of creating a solid online presence for your practice Why simulators help pilots and surgeons alike Simulators are often mandatory for pilots; should they be for surgeons? Retirement done right part 3: Setting the date The team at Oregon Eye Associates participated in a panel discussion with topics including building a practice before leaving it, reducing responsibilities, and selling a practice. In this article, the team discusses setting a date for retirement Employee to manager: Making the transition Ophthalmology Business examines a few of the reasons employees may be considered for man- agement and why not all are a valid indication of a good manager Maddox Phoria Measure Gulden Ophthalmics introduced a new and improved Maddox Phoria Measure, used to detect and measure exophoria and esophoria conditions of anisophoria. The Maddox Phoria Measure is a rotary monocular Maddox self- contained unit. It can be used vertically or horizontally with either eye. It combines a large 25 mm aperture, a red Maddox mounted perpendicular to the handle, and a 10 PD (prism-diopter) prism in a rotating disc. Gulden Ophthalmics www.guldenophthalmics.com New models for Easyfield perimeters Oculus introduced two new models for its Easyfield perimeters: Easyfield C (for "Comfort," with chinrest) and Easyfield S (for "Standard"). Keeping the measurement prin- ciple unaltered, the changes are aimed to im- prove the quality of the performed visual field tests and to keep up to date with advances in computer technology. Both were designed to support glaucoma care through preventive screening or comprehensive visual field tests and progression analysis. Both can perform standard automated perimetry of the central visual field up to 30 degrees eccentricity. Oculus www.oculus.de For more information, contact Single-use instruments for LASIK Moria extended its ONE range with three single-use instruments for LASIK and femto LASIK surgery: a Kratz wire speculum, a Sinskey manipulating hook, and a manipulat- ing hook. Moria ONE range of single-use instruments eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing soiled instruments. These instruments are sterile, individually packaged in sealed peel-apart pouches, in a box of 10. Moria www.moria-surgical.com

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