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September 2012 EW RESIDENTS 85 replaced for multiple uses. The wet kit utilizes disposable corneas and nuclei of various densities, which are consumed during phacoemulsifi- cation. We recently utilized this system at the 2012 NYU cataract course at- tended by residents throughout New York. The feedback was very posi- tive; there was no need for surgical gowns and no variability from one specimen to another. For the novice surgeon, the opportunity to practice surgical skills was excellent, and for the experienced surgeon, the artifi- cial eye provided a good model for teaching basic concepts. One of the main advantages is that this is a clean system and theoretically can be taken to the operating room and used without contaminating surgical equipment. Another is convenience—the entire system is packaged in a portable case; this is particularly useful for practicing the capsulorhexis using loupes. The main disadvantage of this system is cost. The consumables in- clude the cornea and nuclei, and al- though the company claims that the cornea has multiple uses, our experi- ence has been that this is not ideal. Replacing these pieces yields a cost of approximately $50 per eye. In comparison to animal eyes, which can be obtained for minimal to no cost, this is a significant expense. Overall, however, I believe the Kitaro is worthwhile as an artificial eye system and a good teaching tool. TM Also Available for Cataract Surgery ■ DUOFlo TM Pieces ofDUOTape2 Still Available ■ OriginalDUOTape Retina Procedures TM TM Dr. Dunn: Cataract surgery lends itself nicely to practice under a microscope. It is mandated in the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Residency Review Committee's Common Program Requirements for ophthalmology that each training program has a functional practice surgery lab for residents. In many cases, animal eyes (lamb, pig, cow) are used, but access to such eyes may be limited, their size may render them as a less-than-optimal substi- continued on page 86 DUOTape Now Available in a Larger Size for CATARACT SURGERY TM ■ Contoured to fit the shape of the eyelids ■ Secures all eyelashes out of surgical field ■ Separate pieces for the upper and lower eyelids ■ Sterile, die-cut 3M film with medical- grade adhesive ■ New!DUOTape2 (Ref# G990-2): Larger Size for Cataract Surgery (Ref# G990-3): Includes Fluid Retention Bag and 2 Large (Ref# G991-2): Excellent for LASIK and Ask about other quality supplies for cataract and LASIK surgery To order call 1-800-800-1722 or visit www.eyeshieldtechnology.com James P. Dunn, M.D. Associate Professor, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore Houston, Texas (713) 467-3960 • Fax (713) 973-1652 ©2012 Eye Shield Technology, Inc. Made in the U.S.A.

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