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September 2012 Treatment System* Maskin® B MGD Surgical Figure 6. This image shows the OCT image of the nasal hinge demonstrating that it's flexed anteriorly A D e i C A) Maskin® Figure 9. A day 1 post-op slit lamp image. The patient was 20/20 with a –0.5 correction, and the three-piece implant can be seen within the capsular bag Source (all): Steven G. Safran, M.D. # Maskin® treat the refractive component of the problem with glasses, LVC, or piggyback lens. I believe this ap- proach leads to a better visual out- come in the long run. The fact that there is no consensus from my ex- pert panel on any of the cases I pre- sented is good evidence that there is more than one way to "skin a cat." The choices I made demonstrate my personal bias in how to approach these cases but are not the only methods that could have been used. One thing is certain though: Careful analysis of the problems seen in patients referred to my practice for post-op Crystalens complications has taught me how to avoid these problems in my own patients and achieve consistently excellent outcomes with this lens. Crystalens has been my "fastball" presbyopia- correcting lens for the past 5 years, and by sharing these cases I hope to advance the art of working with this implant rather than cast a shadow over its use. EW Editors' note: Drs. Goldman, Gorovoy, Khodabakhsh, Weinstock, and Whitman have no financial interests related to this article. Dr. Pepose has financial interests with Abbott Medical Optics (Santa Ana, Calif.) and Bausch + Lomb. Contact information Safran: safran12@comcast.net 3360 Scherer Drive, Suite B, St. Petersburg, FL 33716 s4EL #OME3EE5S!T!!/"OOTH s&AX 3TYLIZED%YE 1330 Rev.A 2HEIN-EDICAL AHBC %MAIL )NFO 2HEIN-EDICAL COMs7EBSITE WWW 2HEIN-EDICAL COM $EVELOPED)N#OORDINATIONWITH3TEVEN, -ASKIN - $ D) Maskin® MG Orifice & Duct 2mm Dilator (150um OD) – For Opening Up The Glands. MG Large Bore 2mm Tube (150um OD Cannula) – For Intraductal Injection Of Small Particle Therapeutic Suspensions. B) Maskin® b Meibomian Gland Intraductal (76um OD) Probe – For Popping Through MG Obstructions. 1mm Meibomian Gland Intraductal (110um OD) Tube – For Delivering A Pharmaceutical. Scan The Code To See A Surgery Or Call 727-209-2244 For More Information. P r a o G l b e n I n i M o m a n d

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