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December 2013 EW IN OTHER NEWS 69 William Fishkind, MD, takes off by Maxine Lipner EyeWorld Senior Contributing Writer Piloting toward multidimensional success I t began as something of a lark—the last thing in the world William J. Fishkind, MD, ever expected to be doing. Shortly after responding to a newspaper advertisement for an introductory flight lesson, he found himself at a small county airport in a little Cessna 152 sitting in the pilot seat. Dr. Fishkind is codirector of the Fishkind, Bakewell & Maltzman Eye Care Center, Tucson, Ariz., and clinical professor of ophthalmology at both the University of Arizona and the University of Utah. "The instructor went through the basics of what's involved with a takeoff and what to expect from the airplane and the next thing I knew, he said, 'Well, go ahead.' I said, 'Me?' he said, 'Sure, you do it.' It took a little while to build up speed because it wasn't too fast or powerful, but in that moment it transitioned from taxing down the runway to flying, it was an amazing feeling—it felt like I was a bird flying in the air." At that moment, Dr. Fishkind was hooked. Free as a bird Dr. Fishkind decided that he was going to continue flying for a while and see about getting his pilot's license. He also decided to buy his own airplane, a Cessna 182, a bigger version of the one on which he had taken his initial lesson. "Eventually I traded that and bought a Bonanza A36, and that was the airplane that I flew for quite a number of hours," he said. His hobby gave him a sense of mobility that he hadn't anticipated. "What I realized was that in Arizona, we live in small pockets of population separated by large expanses of desert," Dr. Fishkind said. "The air- Index to Advertisers APACRS Page: 57 Phone: 65-63278630 www.apacrs.org Alcon Laboratories Inc. Page: 5, 7, 8, 27, 28, 38, and 39 Phone: 800-862-5266 Fax: 800-241-0677 www.alconlabs.com MicroSurgical Technologies ASCRS•ASOA Meeting Information Phone: 888-279-3323 Fax: 425-556-0437 www.microsurgical.com 2014 ASCRS Symposium and ASOA Congress Page: Cover 2 NexTech Page: Cover 4 Phone: 813-425-9200 Fax: 813-425-9292 www.nextech.com Diamatrix Ltd. Rhein Medical Inc. Phone: 281-367-8081 Fax: 281-292-5481 www.diamatrix.com Phone: 813-885-5050 Fax: 813-885-9346 www.rheinmedical.com Page: 47 Page: 29 ESCRS Santen www.escrs.org Phone: 707-254-1750 Fax: 707-254-1755 www.santen.com Page: 65 and 66 Gulden Ophthalmics Page: 67 Phone: 215-884-8105 Fax: 215-884-0418 www.gulden ophthalmics.com Katena Products Page: 44 Phone: 973-989-1600 Fax: 973-989-8175 www.katena.com Page: 33 Stephens Instruments Page: 35 Phone: 800-354-7848 Fax: 859-259-4926 www.usiol.com TearScience Page: 15 LensAR Phone: 919-467-4007 Fax: 919-467-3300 www.tearscience.com Phone: 954-889-7804 Fax: 407-386-7228 www.lensar.com World Ophthalmology Congress Marco Ophthalmic Inc. www.woc2014.org Page: 19, 21, and 23 Page: Cover 3 Phone: 904-642-9330 Fax: 904-642-9338 www.marcooph.com Dr. Fishkind with his Bonanza A36 continued on page 70 Page: 55 Ziemer Ophthalmic Page: 12 Phone: 618-462-9301 Fax: 618-462-9302 www.ziemergroup.com Page: 25 Cornea Day 2014 Page: 41 Glaucoma Day 2014 Page: 31 ASCRS Website Page: 26 EyeWorld Events at ASCRS 2014 Page: 45, 55, and 61 ASCRS Winter Update 2014 Page: 9 EyeWorld Video Reporter Page: 49 and 53

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