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December 2013 engaged with it. He said there is a media manager within the department who helps handle social media and using it to get information out and interact with patients. "Our clinic is on Facebook," Dr. Wolsey said. However, she noted that the use is marginal. You have to be very consistent with it to keep your name in social media, she said. Dr. Wolsey also noted that her mixed practice of refractive, cornea and cataract, with a large percentage geared toward cataract, may not be the best audience for social media because she said many of the cataract patients are less likely to be on social media. "We do try to keep an active webpage as well," she said, which includes recent lectures and news updates. Plans for 2014 Dr. Wolsey said she expects that there will be new equipment added to her practice in the coming year. "We are always getting new equipment," she said, and it will be important to learn how it will integrate into the clinic. She also added that she believes social media, the website and web presence will be increasingly important tools. She hopes to work on her refractive practice in the coming year and believes that social media can be helpful with that patient population. Dr. Vann said that he already has some plans in place for changes in the new year, but these are mainly practice related. One big change, he said, is acquiring a femtosecond laser and implementing it into the practice. This will take some adapting to see how it fits in with other instruments and day-to-day workings. "My office is in the same building as our operating room and my clinic, so I don't have to travel around to a bunch of different sites." He said with the added femtosecond laser, he is contemplating activities, such as using an exercise ball, to help stretch out during the day. "I see far too many ophthalmologists who focus on their professional career and don't take care of themselves," Dr. Vann said. "I have been a real proponent for trying to stay healthy and exercise." He said this helps immensely in the long run. EW THINK EFFICIENCY "Thanks to LENSAR, I am able to perform cataract surgery 3 minutes faster than I was prior to implementing the laser. And with my wonderful staff, my turnover times are also faster, so I am experiencing greater effciencies than ever before." EW CATARACT 19 Contact information Vann: Robin.Vann@duke.edu Wolsey: dwolsey@theeyeinstitute.com At LENSAR™, we're always thinking ahead. That's why we designed the LENSAR Laser System with your effciency in mind. Automated procedure planning based on customizable surgeon preferences, pre-programmable laser-to-patient positioning, and an easy-to-use joystick for docking control reduce suction time and improve effciency. Combined with thoughtful ergonomics, you can seamlessly integrate the LENSAR Laser System into your existing surgical regimen without increasing overall procedure time. The LENSAR Laser System. Designed for effciency, designed for you. Learn more at LENSAR.com – William Soscia, MD Scan to hear from fellow surgeons why LENSAR is the intelligent choice for cataract surgery.

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