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September 2013 menting the appearance of the optic disc." Only about 50% of patients undergo disc imaging at the time of diagnosis, he said, and of those, only about 40% ever get reimaged during follow-up. He discussed the development of progression detection software for both visual fields and optic nerve imaging devices, but cautioned, "at the end of the day, the decision whether an observed change is clinically meaningful cannot be made by statistical analysis and requires the clinician to make the decision." Graham Trope, PhD, Canada, discussed the equivalence of generic formulations of glaucoma medications. He reviewed several studies, including one in which generic latanoprost was ordered from two Canadian online pharmacies, which resulted in the delivery of products manufactured in India. "Indian generics have an issue with heat stability and should be disposed of after one month or if they get heated." He concluded that while "there is little evidence in the literature of the inferiority of generic versus branded formulations of latanoprost and timolol, further studies are needed to prove this." ling for mean IOP, there was a positive association in the treatment group but not the observation group. She hypothesized that nonadherence to therapy might induce IOP variability—with higher IOP at times of non-adherence—and increase progression risk. Kaweh Mansouri, MD, Switzerland, has been actively involved in EW MEETING REPORTER 77 evaluating the Triggerfish (Sensimed, Lausanne, Switzerland) contact lensbased continuous IOP monitor for several years. One challenge in validating the device is that its output is continued on page 78 OCULUS Pentacam®/Pentacam® HR American Glaucoma Society Symposium: Best of the AGS The most impactful presentations from the 2013 annual meeting of the American Glaucoma Society were offered to an international audience in Vancouver as a host of North American glaucoma clinicians and scientists discussed topics relevant to the management of glaucoma in the U.S. and Canada. Several of those talks are summarized here. Mae Gordon, PhD, U.S., shared the results of a new analysis of data from the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study aimed at determining whether IOP variability is associated with the risk of progressing from ocular hypertension to open angle glaucoma. After control- The indispensable tool for anterior segment analysis • Anterior and posterior corneal topography • 3D cataract analysis • Evaluation of corneal optical quality for premium IOLs • Holladay Report for post-refractive IOL calculations • NEW Iris camera and automatic HWTW measurement • NEW Belin/Ambrosio III, improved for hyperopic eyes • LASIK screening Visit us at the AAO – Booth #1628 facebook.com/OCULUSusa Toll free 1-888-519-5375 sales@oculususa.com www.oculususa.com www.pentacam.com

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