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February 2011 September 2013 Refractive challenges and innovations EW FEATURE 53 Novel management of astigmatism and beyond by Maxine Lipner EyeWorld Senior Contributing Writer AT A GLANCE • The Verion merges preoperative registration technology with the LenSx laser and a new software calculator that allows decisionmaking flexibility. • A preoperative photograph taken of the front of the eye uses landmarks as reference points to register the eye, which allows for proper alignment of toric lenses and for determining where to place LRIs. • The system's software calculator gives surgeons options for choosing toric lens power along with the length and position of any limbal relaxing incisions and the ability to titrate these. New system synergistically integrates technology to enhance accuracy I magine being able to accurately align a toric IOL seamlessly without ink marks on the eye, make needed incisions during the procedure using a femtosecond laser, plus have at the ready a flexible software calculator that allows you to select which combination of toric lens and incisional corrections best suits your patient. Such is the promise of the new Verion system (Alcon, Fort Worth, Texas), according to Stephen S. Lane, MD, clinical professor of ophthalmology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. "The Verion system is a series of synergistic technologies that can improve our refractive results," Dr. Lane said. This new system incorporates preoperative registration capability gleaned from the former SMI surgery guidance technology recently acquired by Alcon, and now utilized with Alcon's LenSx laser, and the operating microscope in conjunction with a powerful IOL calculator, he explained. Dr. Lane views the addition of the Verion to the armamentarium as being particularly valuable in addressing astigmatism issues. "I think that the Verion will have its greatest influence in the correction of astigmatism either with toric intraocular lenses, with peripheral relaxing incisions, or combinations of the two," he said, adding that many practitioners today recognize the significance of astigmatism correction in conjunction with cataract procedures. Practitioners would never consider giving a pair of spectacles to a patient that didn't have astigmatism correction included, he said. Reference system When it comes to correcting astig- matism during cataract procedures or for refractive lens exchange, the Verion system puts the practitioner in catbird seat, Dr. Lane thinks. "The continued on page 54

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