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April 2013 EW International 67 International outlook Patients in need, but iris-fixated IOLs remain niche by Matt Young EyeWorld Contributing Writer Iris-fixated IOLs fill an important need for complicated cases in the Philippines I ris-fixated IOLs have been available for decades. First introduced as the Worst claw lens more than 30 years ago, this style of implant fell out of favor for cataract use as more modern posterior chamber and in-the-bag style IOLs followed the phaco trend. A version of the iris-fixated lens has remained popular around the world however as a phakic solution for refractive surgery. Now, a renewed interest in the iris-fixated lens is emerging for use in pediatrics and as a rescue for complicated cataract cases. In this month's "International outlook," we highlight the practical considerations and current practice patterns of delivering eyecare in the Philippines. John A. Vukich, MD, international editor F or several important groups of people in the Philippines and beyond, certain iris-fixated IOLs are coming to the rescue under much more dire circumstances. There, iris-fixated IOLs (Artisan Aphakia, Ophtec, the Netherlands) are important modalities for children who require secondary IOL implantation—for example, in those without sufficient capsular bags. Further, the lens is helpful in adults who had cataract surgeries performed decades earlier and who now require secondary implantation, as well as in adults who have lost their capsular bags due to extensive zonular dehiscence. These groups may not be getting the iris fixation they deserve often enough. The Artiflex phakic lens (Ophtec) is the only IOL that does not rotate. A needed niche "In Asia and particularly the Philippines, adults who had lens surgery in the past and have been left aphakic for a long time are good candidates for the Artisan lens implant," said Manolette Roque, MD, Roque continued on page 68 The Artisan Aphakia iris fixation lens is designed for small eyes. Source (all): Ophtec Watch this video on your smartphone or iPad using your QR code reader. (Scanner available for free at your app store.) This video, by Dr. J.L. Güell, shows several cases with the Artisan Aphakia lens, including a pediatric lens implant.

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