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4 EW Table of Contents April 2013 Up-and-coming technologies may be key for management of dry eye 40 WORLD VIEW 10 Ocular surface disease is important to all Several new devices have been developed for testing various factors of dry eye by Ellen Stodola New formulations seek to protect ocular surface 42 Edward J. Holland, MD, cornea editor Pharmaceuticals can impact the health of the eye, increasing toxicity exposure by Erin L. Boyle Promising dry eye therapeutics 46 With any luck, clinicians will soon have more options for treating dry eye by Michelle Dalton Managing dry eye in glaucoma, retinal patients 50 Cover photo: Karl Brasse, MD, Eyeland-Design, Germany Feature April 2013 Consider symptoms and treatment alternatives by Vanessa Caceres Dry eye/ocular surface N E WS & OP IN IO N Pharmaceutical focus ASCRS issues clinical alert on intracameral alpha agonists 3 Medicines to help practitioners take the reins by Maxine Lipner The ASCRS Cataract Clinical Committee and the ASCRS TASS Task Force released an educational document summarizing the differences among commercial sources of epinephrine in the U.S. and providing recommendations based on their experience. Chief medical editor's corner of the world Finding future ophthalmologists: The match game 13 by David F. Chang, MD Corralling ocular allergy 18 Tools & techniques Microbulldog silicone assistant for intrascleral haptic fixation of IOLs 28 Dr. Safran describes a simple and inexpensive method of creating a temporary "bulldog clamp" to facilitate the intrascleral haptic fixation technique. by Steven G. Safran 32 Amniotic membrane use solves numerous severe surface issues Are you happy now? 21 What makes you happy? Four weeks of vacation? Volunteer work? Time with family? A new survey ranks ophthalmologists among the happiest specialists. Where are you on the happiness scale? by John DiConsiglio 35 But whether using cryopreserved or heat-dried, it is "not a magic wand" by Michelle Dalton 28 Sound advice for soothing patients during cataract surgery 31 Education fuels medication success 36 Binaural beats provide relaxation response by Maxine Lipner Patients deemed Restasis failures can succeed on a second attempt when armed with the proper education. by Maxine Lipner CATARACT CO R NE A R ET I N A Complicated cataract cases Device focus Niacin-induced cystoid macular edema 38 Insights The kabuki dance of healthcare reform 24 by J.C. Noreika, MD, MBA 13 Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery update 16 Leading glaucoma surgeons offered their perspectives during an interactive web seminar by Michelle Dalton Moderate postop refractive error in the first eye 26 While this can be a challenge, it is definitely possible to end up with a happy patient by working with the patient to determine the best course of action. by William Trattler, MD Quantitative metrics for dry eye 32 Osmolarity, inflammatory markers, lipid layers, and topography—each has its pros and cons in diagnosing dry eye by Michelle Dalton Vision loss associated with niacin is generally mild to moderate and partially or totally reversible in most cases upon discontinuation of the drug. by Paul "Butch" Harton, MD

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