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12 EW NEWS & OPINION April 2013 ASCRS continued from page 11 tice patterns of the membership around these topics. ASCRS: What topics will be covered in this survey? Fundingsland: The survey will include a wide range of contemporary topics, including: • Management of residual error in refractive IOL patients • The actual and perceived incidence of ectasia with laser vision correction • Understanding and perceptions of advanced tear film diagnostics • Levels of postoperative rotation with toric IOLs • Posterior capsule rupture rates during cataract surgery • Assessment and management of dry eye and meibomian gland disease • Today's outcomes and enhancement rates with laser vision correction • How well we are mitigating or eliminating post-cataract surgery inflammation • Management trends of glaucoma in conjunction with cataract surgery ASCRS: Is this going to be an email survey for members to fill out or something different? ™ ThatÕs all you need! One-size-fits-all punctum plug eliminates sizing and simplifies stocking ASCRS: If someone would like to participate in the survey, what can they do? Pre-stretched shape (on inserter) avoids dilation and facilitates insertion Fundingsland: If you attend the annual meeting, just come to the ASCRS booth or look for the representatives with iPads. Flyers with a link to the survey will be available at the ASCRS booth as well. Or if you Expanded shape (once inserted) assures snug fit and virtually eliminates pop-out Soft collar prevents migration and provides patient comfort Plug into FCI for Dry Eye Treatment and watch the SnugPlug insertion video. FCI-Ophthalmics.com 800.932.4202 Fundingsland: The goal is to have members complete this survey in 15 minutes during the annual meeting. The survey tool will permit the members to identify their preferred category of questions (refractive, cataract, refractive IOLs, etc.). The survey will then include about 40 questions on the topic and can be completed in two different ways. First, survey representatives will be at the convention center with iPads giving respondents an opportunity to complete the survey before a session begins or while in the ASCRS booth. Second, there will be flyers onsite with QR scan codes or website links indicating how respondents can go online to complete the survey on their smartphone or in their hotel room. Visit PlugintoFCI.com for promotional pricing missed us at the meeting, go to www.eyeworld.org/survey to take the survey. ASCRS: What are you going to do with the data you collect? Fundingsland: This data will be analyzed and presented to the ASCRS leadership and Clinical Committees for review. At that point they will determine if gaps exist between this data and recommended practice patterns as identified by the subspecialty experts. ASCRS: If any gaps are determined, how will they be resolved? Fundingsland: If educational gaps are identified, they will be used to drive future ASCRS programming and provide the foundation for future CME education grant programming. The goal is for new programming to help resolve these gaps. This will be an exciting way to provide regular data and to track how specific education initiatives have changed opinions, understanding, and behavior. ASCRS: Will you publish more details on this data? Fundingsland: At the moment, there are plans to produce an EyeWorld supplement and to prepare future presentations and possibly a peer-reviewed article summarizing the key findings of the data. The article will include commentary from the ASCRS leadership on the identified gaps and the efforts taken to resolve them. EW Contact information Fundingsland: bfunding@gmail.com Sebrell: csebrell@ascrs.org

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