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E W NEWS & OPINION 6 February 2014 After a prostaglandin, what's next? 76 What is the best adjunct when prostaglandin monotherapy isn't enough? by Tony Realini, MD S E C O N D A RY F E AT U R E Measurement remains key to best toric IOL outcomes 69 Although many patients can benefit from toric lenses, surgeons have to take special care to ensure their fit and location b y Rich Daly Boston tours 3 6 Tour the city of Boston by foot, bus, trolley, and even boat 34 36 50 72 52 74 78 Toric IOLs in complicated eyes: improving outcomes with corneal topography 48 In cases with concurrent corneal morbidities, a dedicated topographer to determine the shape of the patient's cornea may be preferable by Mohammed Muhtaseb, FRCOphth R E F R A C T I V E Temperature and humidity in LASIK outcomes 46 T hese factors do not have an effect on LASIK o utcomes, according to a new study b y Ellen Stodola Off axis? Fixing a toric IOL that's malpositioned 70 Ophthalmic surgeons share pearls, perspectives by Vanessa Caceres I N T E R N AT I O N A L International outlook Operating under duress 78 Ophthalmic surgery in the "Shaky Isles" by Maxine Lipner Lucky number 2013 for STAAR Surgical 80 Growth was driven by innovation and international sales by Matt Young C ATA R A C T Cataract editor's corner of the world Surgically induced astigmatism caused by multiple factors 38 SIA can be a key value in toric IOL selection and is often determined by preop and postop measurements by Erin L. Boyle Impact of lens design and materials on cataract surgery outcomes 40 Achieving optical synergy in visual outcomes is accomplished by selecting a high performance lens design produced with proven, high caliber materials by George H.H. Beiko, BM, BCh, FRCS(C) Femtosecond mini-bubble technique 52 New research suggests that high-speed, low-energy laser passes can improve reliability of both DALK and DSEK procedures by Roger F. Steinert, MD G L A U C O M A Glaucoma editor's corner of the world Combination platter on the menu 72 Dishing out refractive results of combined cataract and glaucoma surgery by Maxine Lipner Caring for the late-stage glaucoma patient 74 Patients with advanced glaucoma present a set of clinical challenges that differ from patients with earlier forms of the disease by Tony Realini, MD R E T I N A Retina consultation corner Tips for cataract surgery from a retina surgeon 82 Tips from a retina perspective on the surgical management of cataract patients with retinal comorbidities by Ellen Stodola C O R N E A Device focus Exploring corneal inlays 50 In the U.S., there are three corneal inlays being investigated by Michelle Dalton Honing in on refractive error a nd long-term incidence of cataract 43 W hat cases of myopia and hyperopia m ay portend b y Maxine Lipner 43

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