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October 2013 patients see is simplicity, and they feel connected in a cosmic way to wavefront-guided LASIK, of all things. Dr. Hutauruk noted the challenges of the animation creation. "The artist [we employed to perform the sand animation] asked me, 'What is wavefront—I don't know about that," Dr. Hutauruk recalled. "I had to explain step by step what wavefront is [as he performed his artistry]. 'Is this what you mean?' he would say. 'Yes, but not exactly— change it a little bit, like that,' I would say, and fortunately he was willing to help." Then came the hard part. "The difficult thing with sand animations is the drawing we have to make," Dr. Hutauruk said. "It's the story from beginning to end because with animations, you have to transition between every picture you are doing with the sand. With PowerPoint, slide 1 and slide 2 can be totally different—no problem. Not with sand animation. It's all about precision, so it must be flowing." In the end, the wavefront video is all about why patients, even though they can see 20/20 after LASIK, may still not be happy. The video explains how wavefrontguided surgery can help achieve happiness. It also focuses on the importance of contrast sensitivity and clarity of the optical parts of the eye. Dr. Hutauruk acknowledged that in his practice, less than 10% of patients need wavefront-guided LASIK. "Even a standard LASIK machine can create good corneal asphericity to provide good corneal topography," he said. "Wavefront is not for every patient." But his video helps to explain all of that. He also has considered creating more sand animations to explain other traditionally complex ophthalmic issues, like glaucoma. From napkins to sand, there are many non-traditional, effective ways for ophthalmologists globally to get their messages across in practice and at professional venues. It all begins by thinking outside the PowerPoint. EW Editors' note: Dr. Hutauruk has no financial interests related to this article. Contact information Hutauruk: +62 21 2922 1000, johan.hutauruk@jakarta-eye-center.com PLAN AHEAD FOR NEXT YEAR YEAR HOUSI NG NOW OPEN HOUSING IS NOW OPE N www.WinterUpdate.org www.WinterUpdate.org 2014 2014 APRIL 25–29 APRIL 25–29 BOSTON www.AS C R S.org www.ASCRS.org

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