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6 December 2012 EW Table of Contents Bonding with LASIK: New adhesive could improve safety 28 Innovative glue shows promise by Maxine Lipner G LAUCOM A M E E TI NG RE PO RTE R Glaucoma editor���s corner of the month Rolling out the iStent 43 EyeWorld reports live from the 2012 joint meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO-APAO) 48 How seasoned surgeons are incorporating the device into their practice by Vanessa Caceres 52 I N O TH ER N EW S Can diet influence the risk of glaucoma? 44 Music to the docs��� ears 58 Can what we eat increase our risk of getting glaucoma? A trio of studies suggested that the answer might be yes by Tony Realini, M.D. Orchestra combines love of music with love of medicine by Vanessa Caceres 28 C OR N EA Improving pterygium recovery odds 42 Research echoes surgeons��� experience about patients at risk for pterygium by Rich Daly 48 44 58 RESIDENTS I NTE R NATI O NAL D E PA RT M EN T S EyeWorld journal club International outlook Classifieds 54 Index to advertisers 56 Calendar 57 Review of ���Contribution of posterior corneal astigmatism to total corneal astigmatism��� 45 42 by Ken Downes, M.D., Edie Deniro, M.D., Geoff Wilkes, M.D., Alan Lowinger, M.D., Patrick Coady, M.D., Michael Clamp, M.D., Ako Takakura, M.D., Maya Ling, M.D., Adrian Dokey, M.D., Sally Lin, M.D., and Kevin Denny, M.D. EYEWORLD EDITORS Chief medical editor: David F. Chang, M.D. Cataract editor: Bonnie An Henderson, M.D. Cornea editor: Edward J. Holland, M.D. Refractive editor: Kerry D. Solomon, M.D. Mysterious infection after LASIK has lessons for all 52 Refer patients early on when an infection is identified and is non-responsive to antibiotics by Matt Young S P EC I A L FEAT U R ES JCRS update 9 ASCRS update 9 Monthly Pulse 38 EYEWORLD EDITORIAL BOARD CATARACT Lisa B. Arbisser, M.D. Preston H. Blomquist, M.D. Steve G. Safran, M.D. Farrell (Toby) C. Tyson, M.D. Mitch Weikert, M.D. CORNEA Clara C. Chan, M.D. Vince de Luise, M.D. John A. Hovanesian, M.D. REFRACTIVE Scott P. Bower, M.D. Y. Ralph Chu, M.D. Neel Desai, M.D. Louis E. Probst, M.D. GLAUCOMA Glaucoma editor: Reay H. Brown, M.D. Steven J. Gedde, M.D. Nathan M. Radcliffe, M.D. Carla J. Siegfried, M.D. International editor: John A. Vukich, M.D. ASCRS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Brock K. Bakewell, M.D. Chair, Government Relations Committee Elizabeth A. Davis, M.D. Chair, Refractive Surgery Clinical Committee Rosa M. Braga-Mele, M.D. Chair, Cataract Clinical Committee Terry Kim, M.D. Chair, Cornea Clinical Committee David F. Chang, M.D. Medical Editor, EyeWorld Stephen S. Lane, M.D. Chair, Optometric Task Force Amar Agarwal, F.R.C.S. Graham D. Barrett, F.R.A.C.O. Ashley Behrens, M.D. William De La Pena, M.D. Bruno M. Fontes, M.D., Ph.D. Nada S. Jabbur, M.D. Shigeru Kinoshita, M.D. ASCRS GOVERNING BOARD David F. Chang, M.D., President INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY GROUP Eric D. Donnenfeld, Vice President/President-Elect Edward J. Holland, M.D., Immediate Past President R. Doyle Stulting, M.D., Past President Richard A. Lewis, M.D., Treasurer Robert J. Cionni, M.D., Secretary Richard L. Lindstrom, M.D. Chair, ASCRS Foundation Nick Mamalis, M.D. Editor, JCRS Thomas W. Samuelson, M.D. Chair, Glaucoma Clinical Committee Bradford J. Shingleton, M.D. Past President Sherman W. Reeves, M.D. MPH Chair, Young Physicians Roger F. Steinert, M.D. Chair, Program Committee and Residents Committee Boris E. Malyugin, M.D. Dan Z. Reinstein, M.D. Hungwon Tchah, M.D. Vladimir N. Trubilin, Ph.D. Ke Yao, M.D. Ronald Yeoh, M.D.

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