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February 2011 December 2012 Innovation: A look ahead as well as David Stroman, Ph.D., with influencing the success of the NovaBay project. Dr. Wilmarth said his role was to push the whole project forward, bring key individuals, and funding. ���What separates me from the pack of creative eye surgeons is my work with NovaBay, which extends beyond ophthalmology to many other applications throughout the body,��� Dr. Wilmarth said. He said NovaBay has gone from being a corporation of just about five employees to a publically traded company with around 30 employees, and he has been there every step of the way. Dr. Wilmarth said NovaBay���s work with the Aganocide compounds is important because to date, no virus, fungi, or bacteria that has been tested has been resistant to its antimicrobial effects; however, resistance is building to most antibiotics currently in the marketplace. Aganocides are for topical application only, not parenteral use. Aganocide compounds have an extremely low toxicity level, which allows them to kill germs without damaging tissue. He said these compounds are possibly a better alternative for use in operating rooms to Betadine (povidone-iodine). ���Our molecules are about 500 times less toxic than Betadine on average,��� Dr. Wilmarth said. Dr. Wilmarth said that one of the things he finds most valuable when working in his field is the advantages that come with working with others. ���In this day and age, you have to have an outstanding team to succeed.��� He said it is more about being able to cooperate with others to get larger projects done than about what a person can do individually. Especially with the NovaBay project, Dr. Wilmarth said that he has been working for 10 years with a team of people to develop these antimicrobials that have killed ���every germ we���ve ever tested on contact.��� ���Every new project that���s been undertaken has its challenges,��� he said. ���If you don���t expect to have issues then you���re being extremely naive.��� Dr. Wilmarth said one of the most important things in the success of his work is a positive attitude. ���My secret to success is not secret at all,��� he said. ���If you have something that is sincerely of value to others, surround yourself with the best people and never give up. A positive attitude is of paramount importance.��� EW Editors��� note: Dr. Charles has financial interests with Alcon and Topcon Medical Systems (Oakland, N.J.). Dr. Wilmarth has financial interests with NovaBay Pharmaceuticals. EW FEATURE 37 EyeWorld factoid Approximately 14 million individuals aged 12 years and older have visual impairment, among which more than 80% could be corrected to good vision with refractive correction Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Contact information Charles: 901-277-2595, scharles@att.net Wilmarth: 916-782-2111, md@wilmartheye.com Discernment at the Speed of Light Now know precisely what degree of correction your patients will require, for both eyes, in less than a minute. L HOA [��m]: @4.00mm / Order = 4 T. Sph T. Coma T. Tre HO To otal: 0.020 0.040 0.025 0.059 Cornea: 0.061 0.108 0.073 0.155 Internal: 0.041 0.085 0.091 0.156 Refraction: VD = 13.75mm Refraction: Sph Cyl Axis WF@4.00 +1.00 -0.50 105 WF@5.42 +0.75 -0.50 111 -0.25 0.00 6 Diff RMS 0.07D 0.19D Now you can rapidly discern which of your patients* will need basic re���nement ou u to achieve 20/20 or better. In addition, you���ll know: t Which percentage of your patients* will still need a full refraction ��� and why t Which patients have night driving issues and may require a second Rx t Which patients have high order aberrations that may not be correctable t How to successfully elevate the total patient experience Scan the QR code to learn more about the next era in refraction systems. XFRACTION: WAVEFRONT OPTIMIZED REFRAXION WAVEFRONT OPTIMIZED REFRA V A When the OPD-Scan III report indicates ���WF���, the patient will require only a basic refractionsaving 5-7 minutes per patient. Scan our QR code to see the XFRACTION process live! 800.874.5274 www.marco.com *Data based on national averages.

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