DEC 2012

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Program Chairs Edward J. Holland, MD Stephen S. Lane, MD Roger F. Steinert, MD Program Committee David F. Chang, MD Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD Richard A. Lewis, MD Keith A. Warren, MD Faculty Brock K. Bakewell, MD John D. Banja, PhD Rosa M. Braga-Mele, MD, MEd, FRCSC Clara C. Chan, MD Robert J. Cionni, MD Garry P. Condon, MD Vincent P. de Luise, MD Terry Kim, MD W. Barry Lee, MD Richard L. Lindstrom, MD Nick Mamalis, MD Nancey K. McCann Louis D. ���Skip��� Nichamin, MD Stephen A. Obstbaum, MD Robert H. Osher, MD E. Ann Rose Jonathan B. Rubenstein, MD Thomas W. Samuelson, MD R. Doyle Stulting Jr., MD, PhD Physicians Program (subject to change) Thursday, February 14 t/FUXPSLJOH8FMDPNF3FDFQUJPO Friday, February 15 t7JEFP4ZNQPTJVNPG$IBMMFOHJOH$BTFT$PNQMJDBUJPOT Management During Cataract Surgery t*OUFSBDUJWF$PSOFB t0QUJPOBM8PSLTIPQ5IF'VUVSFPG)FBMUIDBSF3FGPSN t&WFOJOH/PO$.&4FTTJPO.BOBHFNFOUPG1PTUFSJPS Capsule Rupture Saturday, February 16 t8IBUT/FXJO5FDIOPMPHZ t3BQJE'&ZF3:PV.BLFUIF$BMM t0QUJPOBM8PSLTIPQ"TUJHNBUJTN.BOBHFNFOU t0QUJPOBM8PSLTIPQ3FUJOB$BTF.BOBHFNFOU t&WFOJOH4FTTJPO7JUSFPVT$IBMMFOHFTJO"OUFSJPS4FHNFOU Surgery Sunday, February 17 t.Z5PQ1FBSMT t(MBVDPNB#FUUFS*NBHFTBOE/FX4VSHFSJFT t0QUJPOBM8PSLTIPQ$PSOFB$POVOESVNT t0QUJPOBM8PSLTIPQ(MBVDPNB$BTF.BOBHFNFOU t&WFOJOH4FTTJPO.FEJDBSF6QEBUF Monday, February 20 t3FGSBDUJWF4VSHFSZGPSUIF$PNQSFIFOTJWF0QIUIBMNPMPHJTU t&UIJDT*OUFSBDUJWF t'BDVMUZ3PVOEUBCMFT8SBQ6Q Administrators Program Collaborative Strategy Sessions for Practice Management Challenges. %BTICPBSETBOE#FODINBSLJOH])PU5PQJDT]*OUFHSBUFE1BOFMT View the Program Details���p. 25

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