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4 EW Table of Contents January 2012 WORLD VIEW 8 Retina David F. Chang, M.D. Consider the macula in pre-op cataract patients 36 Retina specialists offer advice on what to look for in order to attain best vision by Jena Passut Retinal ramifications on the phaco edge 37 Considering cataract surgery through the lens of ARMD by Maxine Lipner Cataract surgery and diabetic retinopathy 40 Experts weigh in on timing and treatment by Faith A. Hayden Evaluating the risks of retinal detachment in cataract patients 41 Family history and refractive error are but two risk factors that increase the risk of a retinal detachment. Here, retinal experts discuss when—or if—to treat tears and holes by Michelle Dalton Cover art provided by Karl Brasse, M.D., EyeLand Design Network. Image of asteroid hylosis Retina co-morbidity for the anterior segment surgeon 36-47 Feature January 2012 NEWS & OPINION Remembering Eric John Arnott, B.M., B.Ch., B.A.O., D.O., F.R.C.S., F.R.C.Ophth. 3 by Richard Packard, M.D. 12 Tools and techniques Pars plana vitrectomy for the anterior segment surgeon 15 Dr. Arbisser discusses the settings and strategies involved for optimal outcomes by Lisa B. Arbisser, M.D. 3 Two-month tax-extenders package that prevents 27.4% reduction in Medicare physician payments signed into law 11 President Obama signed a bill in December that extends the payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits, and prevents the cut in physician payments 15 Anterior segment grand rounds Reversal of misfortune 12 Dr. Safran presents the case of a patient referred for an IOL exchange after he devel- oped recurrent "UGH" syndrome in the left eye by Steven G. Safran, M.D. Complicated cataract cases Phacoemulsification after radial keratotomy 18 As RK patients age and develop progressive hyperopia and cataracts, it is increasingly important to master safe and effective ways to treat them by Mark Packer, M.D., F.A.C.S. CATARACT Cataract editor's corner of the world Contemplating pars plana procedures for cataract surgeons 24 Weighing the current wisdom by Maxine Lipner 22 OWL leadership promises more programs, networking 22 Building on the group's relationship with other organizations is a key goal by Michelle Dalton Implants or lenses in infants? 30 With relatively even visual outcomes, specialists are not yet convinced one treatment fits all by Michelle Dalton Preventing and treating CME 44 Prophylaxis key in avoiding problems by Vanessa Caceres Pharmaceutical focus Therapy on the anti-VEGF frontier 46 Update on retinal sparing drugs for AMD by Maxine Lipner Chief medical editor's corner of the world Sitting down with Clayton Christensen 20 World-renowned innovator and author discusses the FDA and disruptive innovation Device focus Laser systems for refractive cataract surgery 26 The latest phaco device innovation to come to market or be in development is the advent of the femtosecond laser for refractive cataract surgery by Michelle Dalton 30 CORNEA Cornea editor's corner of the world Overlooked conjunctival disease 32 Conjunctivochalasis and superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis often go unnoticed when presenting with other surface diseases by Michelle Dalton

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