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CME questions (circle the correct answer) To take this test online and claim credit, go to bit.ly/1OvkXht or complete the test below and fax, mail, or email it in. 1. In patients with primary open-angle glaucoma, for every 1 mm Hg decrease in intraocular pressure, the risk of diease progression a. Increases 10% b. Decreases 10% c. Increases by more than 10% d. Decreases by more than 10% 2. According to these presentations, what is NOT a reason to use optical coherence tomography to analyze the nerve fiber layer? a. To rule out glaucoma and glaucoma suspects b. To determine how intensively to treat the patient c. To determine the type of topical medication to prescribe d. To determine if treatment needs to be advanced 3. True or false: Target pressures should be the same in each eye. a. True b. False 4. According to data from a review article, there is a ________ compliance rate with QD dosing and _______ compliance rate with QID dosing. a. 59%, 62% b. 85%, 14% c. 21%, 82% d. 79%, 51% 5. Large cohort studies have shown 40% of patients a. Need at least 2 medications to reduce pressure by 20% after 5 years b. Need surgery and combination topical therapies to reduce pressure by 40% after 1 year c. Need invasive surgery to eliminate medication use d. Will continue to be well controlled on one medication only after 5 years 6. When considering surgery for patients with glaucoma a. Depending on the disease severity, there is only one option b. Regardless of disease severity, trabeculectomy should remain the preferred surgical option c. Treatments should be customized based on patient and surgeon preferences d. Techniques should always be combined with phacoemulsification 7. What are the clinical differences between brand name and generic glaucoma medications? a. None, they are clinically the same b. Differences exist in cost only, and generics are always less expensive c. Brand name drugs have to show efficacy in studies; generic equivalent medications do not d. Generic medications are not necessarily compounded the same way e. B and C f. C and D To claim credit, please fax the test and fully completed form by May 31, 2016 to 703-547-8842, email to GPearson@ascrs.org, or mail to: EyeWorld, 4000 Legato Road, Suite 700, Fairfax, VA 22033, Attn: November 2015 CME Supplement ASCRS Member ID (optional): First/Last Name/Degree: Practice: Address: City, State, Zip, Country: Phone: Email: Please print email address legibly, as CME certificate will be emailed to the address provided. Copyright 2015 ASCRS Ophthalmic Corporation. All rights reserved. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, editorial board, or the publisher, and in no way imply endorsement by EyeWorld or ASCRS. Innovating advanced treatments to increase compliance and improve outcomes for glaucoma patients 8

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