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4 November 2015 EW NEWS & OPINION Extending the duration of glaucoma medications 44 New formulations and delivery systems by Maxine Lipner Navigating through the sea of glaucoma medications 46 Experts discuss their go-to medical treatments, benefits of branded versus generic drops, and the role of laser trabeculoplasty by Lauren Lipuma Non-adherence in glaucoma therapy 48 How to identify those patients who are not adherent and how to handle them by Ellen Stodola Finding new therapies in glaucoma 52 What's on the horizon in the U.S. for new glaucoma agents by Vanessa Caceres Glaucoma medication compliance 56 ASCRS members weigh in by EyeWorld staff NEWS & OPINION ASCRS Foundation trip addresses glaucoma issue in developing world 3 A recent trip to Ethiopia and support from Transcend Medical helped surgeons gain experience with the CyPass Micro-Stent by Ellen Stodola Reay Brown, MD World VieW 10 Saving sight Feature November 2015 Glaucoma medical treatment 44–56 14 32 Chief editor's corner of the world Tear down this wall 15 Dr. Donnenfeld shares his thoughts on the way the FDA evaluates new medications and devices by Eric Donnenfeld, MD Measuring twilight vision 18 Identifying patients with "night myopia" by Maxine Lipner Exploring 3-D sensing for ophthalmology, healthcare 20 Popular, growing technology has applications beyond consumer electronics by Vanessa Caceres Following a novel AMD trail 23 New pathway linked to vision loss discovered by Maxine Lipner Importance of posterior corneal astigmatism 24 This topic was a focus of an ESCRS free paper session by Ellen Stodola The future of Google Glass in ophthalmology 28 Niche specialty uses outlive initial consumer concerns by Matt Young and Gloria D. Gamat Insights ICD-10: Idiocy Confusing Doctors-I Opine 30 A tongue-in-cheek analysis of ICD-10 with suggestions of how to take advantage of its ridiculously sublime implications by J.C. Noreika, MD, MBA Update on the ESCRS FLACS study 33 Results of the study were discussed at the recent ESCRS meeting by Ellen Stodola Pulse of ophthalmology: Survey of clinical practices and opinion How are we aligning our toric IOLs? 35 Dr. Gossman surveys practicing ophthalmologists on the topic by Mitch Gossman, MD Data available on patients with cataracts and glaucoma 38 Project highlights complicated glaucoma/ cataract relationship by Matt Young and Gloria D. Gamat Stemming the retinal degeneration tide 14 Differences between stem cell types found by Maxine Lipner Is dry eye a cross-pollination with ocular allergy? 42 Taking a seasonal perspective by Maxine Lipner CATARACT Evolution of the capsulotomy 32 Richard Packard, MD, presented the Binkhorst Lecture on "The evolution of the capsulotomy: from crude forceps to precision laser" at the 2015 ESCRS meeting by Ellen Stodola Cover image: Karl Brasse, MD, EyeLand Design CORNEA Cornea editor's corner of the world Taking a closer look at dry eye and depression 40 How medications and daily living with dry eye can be linked to mood disorders by Vanessa Caceres Vision problems after brain trauma 25 Sports-related head injuries can be as devastating as military blasts when it comes to visual issues stemming from TBI by Matt Young and Gloria D. Gamat

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