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4 June 2015 EW NEWS & OPINION How to get started with toric IOLs 46 The A to Z on technical accuracy and administrative acumen with torics by Vanessa Caceres Succeeding with toric IOLs 49 Surgeons discuss the preoperative diagnostics they use for toric IOL implantation by Ellen Stodola Blowing out the candles on toric surprise 50 Dealing with rotation, power problems, and more by Maxine Lipner Intraoperative pearls for nailing toric IOL alignment 56 Experts share tips for hitting the axis and achieving the best refractive outcomes by Lauren Lipuma Preoperative and intraoperative planning for implanting toric lenses: What is your protocol? 60 ASCRS members weigh in by EyeWorld Staff NEWS & OPINION Avedro continues to seek FDA approval of crosslinking 3 With support from joint FDA panel, Avedro responds to concerns from FDA and continues to seek approval for crosslinking by EyeWorld Staff by John A. Vukich, MD World VieW 10 Toric IOLs major innovation in cataract/ refractive surgery field Feature June 2015 Toric IOLs 46–60 38 Pharmaceutical focus Eyeing NSAIDs for cataract surgery 14 The latest on these agents by Maxine Lipner Insights Not enough green in the Green Mountain State 15 Dr. Noreika discusses Vermont's attempt to maintain a single-payer health insurance system by J.C. Noreika, MD, MBA Seeing a sharper world through rose (and blue) colored glasses 18 Chromatic refraction demonstrates that wavelength-dependent aberrations may play a bigger role in pseudophakic visual quality than most surgeons realize by Daniel H. Chang, MD Branching into the ophthalmic space 21 A company better known for speakers has entered ophthalmology by Matt Young and Gloria D. Gamat Envisioning the future of ocular drug delivery 22 Ophthalmology lagged behind initially but now has many potential opportunities by Vanessa Caceres Device focus What's new in cataract suites 28 Beyond femtosecond lasers, cataract surgeons have a bevy of new options to consider by Michelle Dalton Pulse of ophthalmology: Survey of clinical practices and opinion YAG capsulotomy, part 2 31 Dr. Gossman surveys practicing ophthalmologists on the topic of YAG capsulotomy by Mitch Gossman, MD H.R. 2: What does it mean for ophthalmology and where do we go from here? 8 by Brock Bakewell, MD What's my line?: Pearls for effective patient communication Pseudophakic dysphotopsia 34 Three expert ophthalmologists share how they communicate with patients experiencing dysphotopsias following successful cataract surgery and where no pathological etiology is found by Lisa Brothers Arbisser, MD, Susan M. MacDonald, MD, and Jack M. Dodick, MD Cover image: Karl Brasse, MD, EyeLand Design Nutritional supplements and cataract 36 Evaluating the effectiveness of nutritional supplements and antioxidants in preventing or slowing the growth of age-related cataracts by Scott W. Tunis, MD, FACS CORNEA The DNA test that can boost a refractive practice 38 A new genetic test, the first of its kind, can identify patients who are at risk for developing sight-threating complications after refractive surgery by Lauren Lipuma CATARACT Cataract editor's corner of the world The future of cataract surgery 24 Two surgeons comment on changes in cataract surgery and what they see for the future by Ellen Stodola 22 Plugging up cataract compliance issues 32 Dexamethasone-dispensing device makes inroads by Maxine Lipner

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