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Rayner C-flex ® Aspheric Hydrophilic acrylic enhanced monofocal IOL Patients deserve optimal visual quality and functional visual acuity in all light conditions C-flex ® Aspheric IOL with aberration-neutral technology: • Offers improved contrast sensitivity and visual acuity, particularly in low light conditions compared with spherical IOLs 1,2,3 • Can offer 50% more depth of field than aberration-negative IOLs, by retention of the patient's natural level of positive corneal spherical aberration 4 • Less susceptible to the effects of tilt and decentration than aberration-negative IOLs 5 An IOL made from optically pure, superior quality material: • Low refractive index (1.46) of Rayacryl ® reduces the risk of glare 6 • Free from vacuoles and glistenings 7 rayner.com 1. Kohnen T et al. Ophthalmologe 2008; 105(3): 234-40. 2. Nanavaty MA et al. JCRS 2009; 35(4): 663-71 3. L yall DAM, Srinivasan S, Gray LS. Optom Vis Sci 2013; 90(9):996-1003. 4. Johansson B et al. JCRS 2007; 33: 1565-1572. 5. Altmann GE et al. JCRS 2005; 31(3): 574-585. 6. Erie JC, et al JCRS 2001; 27:614-621. 7. Rayner. Data on File. White paper. EC201403 06/14

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