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August 2013 EW NEWS & OPINION 3 ASCRS doctors lobby for important healthcare issues on Capitol Hill by Allene Bryant ASCRS¥ASOA Media Communications Specialist S eventeen ASCRS members met with members of Congress to discuss legislative priorities that directly affect ophthalmology. David Chang, MD, Brock Bakewell, MD, Frank Burns, MD, Doyle Stulting, MD, Sandra Yeh, MD, Priscilla Arnold, MD, and Richard Lewis, MD, were among those who represented ASCRS and its membership nationwide during the 2013 Legislative Fly-In on July 810 in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by the Alliance of Specialty Medicine, this annual event provides ASCRS members who attend direct access to legislators and their staff and the opportunity to voice their views on important issues. Among the topics discussed were repealing the controversial Independent continued on page 8 Caution: United States Federal Law restricts this device to sale and use by or on the order of a physician or licensed eye care practitioner. From left to right: Kenneth Rosenthal, MD, Yuri McKee, MD, Rep. Jim Matheson (D-UT), David F. Chang, MD, and Brock K. Bakewell, MD Indication: The LenSx® Laser is indicated for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery for removal of the crystalline lens. Intended uses in cataract surgery include anterior capsulotomy, phacofragmentation, and the creation of single plane and multi-plane arc cuts/incisions in the cornea, each of which may be performed either individually or consecutively during the same procedure. Restrictions: t 1BUJFOUTNVTUCFBCMFUPMJFGMBUBOENPUJPOMFTTJOBTVQJOFQPTJUJPO t 1BUJFOUNVTUCFBCMFUPVOEFSTUBOEBOEHJWFBOJOGPSNFEDPOTFOU t 1BUJFOUTNVTUCFBCMFUPUPMFSBUFMPDBMPSUPQJDBMBOFTUIFTJB t 1BUJFOUTXJUIFMFWBUFE*01TIPVMEVTFUPQJDBMTUFSPJETPOMZVOEFSDMPTFNFEJDBMTVQFSWJTJPO Contraindications: t $PSOFBMEJTFBTFUIBUQSFDMVEFTBQQMBOBUJPOPGUIFDPSOFBPSUSBOTNJTTJPOPGMBTFSMJHIUBUONXBWFMFOHUI t %FTDFNFUPDFMFXJUIJNQFOEJOHDPSOFBMSVQUVSF t 1SFTFODFPGCMPPEPSPUIFSNBUFSJBMJOUIFBOUFSJPSDIBNCFS t 1PPSMZEJMBUJOHQVQJM TVDIUIBUUIFJSJTJTOPUQFSJQIFSBMUPUIFJOUFOEFEEJBNFUFSGPSUIFDBQTVMPUPNZ t $POEJUJPOTXIJDIXPVMEDBVTFJOBEFRVBUFDMFBSBODFCFUXFFOUIFJOUFOEFEDBQTVMPUPNZEFQUIBOEUIFFOEPUIFMJVNBQQMJDBCMFUP capsulotomy only) t 1SFWJPVTDPSOFBMJODJTJPOTUIBUNJHIUQSPWJEFBQPUFOUJBMTQBDFJOUPXIJDIUIFHBTQSPEVDFECZUIFQSPDFEVSFDBOFTDBQF t $PSOFBMUIJDLOFTTSFRVJSFNFOUTUIBUBSFCFZPOEUIFSBOHFPGUIFTZTUFN t $PSOFBMPQBDJUZUIBUXPVMEJOUFSGFSFXJUIUIFMBTFSCFBN t )ZQPUPOZPSUIFQSFTFODFPGBDPSOFBMJNQMBOU t 3FTJEVBM SFDVSSFOU BDUJWFPDVMBSPSFZFMJEEJTFBTF JODMVEJOHBOZDPSOFBMBCOPSNBMJUZGPSFYBNQMF SFDVSSFOUDPSOFBMFSPTJPO TFWFSF basement membrane disease) t )JTUPSZPGMFOTPS[POVMBSJOTUBCJMJUZ t "OZDPOUSBJOEJDBUJPOUPDBUBSBDUPSLFSBUPQMBTUZ t 5IJTEFWJDFJTOPUJOUFOEFEGPSVTFJOQFEJBUSJDTVSHFSZ ASCRS Government Relations Committee members Sandra Yeh, MD, Kenneth Rosenthal, MD, Robert Lehmann, MD, and Marc Michelson, MD, are briefed on current legislation affecting ophthalmology and the specialty medical community. Warnings: The LenSx® Laser System should only be operated by a physician trained in its use. The LenSx® Laser delivery system employs one sterile disposable LenSx® Laser Patient Interface consisting of an applanation lens and TVDUJPOSJOH5IF1BUJFOU*OUFSGBDFJTJOUFOEFEGPSTJOHMFVTFPOMZ5IFEJTQPTBCMFTVTFEJODPOKVODUJPOXJUI"-$0/¥JOTUSVNFOUQSPEVDUT constitute a complete surgical system. Use of disposables other than those manufactured by Alcon may affect system performance and DSFBUFQPUFOUJBMIB[BSET The physician should base patient selection criteria on professional experience, published literature, and educational courses. Adult patients should be scheduled to undergo cataract extraction. Precautions: t %POPUVTFDFMMQIPOFTPSQBHFSTPGBOZLJOEJOUIFTBNFSPPNBTUIF-FO4Y¥-BTFS t %JTDBSEVTFE1BUJFOU*OUFSGBDFTBTNFEJDBMXBTUF AEs/Complications: t $BQTVMPUPNZ QIBDPGSBHNFOUBUJPO PSDVUPSJODJTJPOEFDFOUSBUJPO t *ODPNQMFUFPSJOUFSSVQUFEDBQTVMPUPNZ GSBHNFOUBUJPO PSDPSOFBMJODJTJPOQSPDFEVSF t $BQTVMBSUFBS t $PSOFBMBCSBTJPOPSEFGFDU t 1BJO t *OGFDUJPO t #MFFEJOH t %BNBHFUPJOUSBPDVMBSTUSVDUVSFT t "OUFSJPSDIBNCFSGMVJEMFBLBHF BOUFSJPSDIBNCFSDPMMBQTF t &MFWBUFEQSFTTVSFUPUIFFZF Attention: 3FGFSUPUIF-FO4Y¥-BTFS0QFSBUPST.BOVBMGPSBDPNQMFUFMJTUJOHPGJOEJDBUJPOT XBSOJOHTBOEQSFDBVUJPOT The 2013 Alliance of Specialty Medicine Fly-In drew more than 100 specialty physicians from across the country. Source (all): ASCRS © 2013 Novartis 3/13 LSX13058JAD-PI

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