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8- 14 56 4- R: Se H o i be l Ri riz * Sa 4gh o n L t H ta fety Se an l Do Ve Ho i be r d D o u b l ti c a r iz l * S Ch m eE l& op ont afe Su in n d C an rg per al D ty V t S e d C ha n eo , L o u e rt n u r h o g* ef b l ic a tH e ge p on p e a n En l & r, de C h d Do d an g* m in an t 85m 071 m 57: Re fe Hen re nc ry* e P 24 oi g M nt illi m et e rR ul er ,1 0m m M ar ks W it h no pardon for any of us. ASCRS is willing to subsidize our travels and hotel costs. There were at least 25 states that did not have any representation at all. How can we complain about how we are treated but do nothing to have our voices heard? I encourage each and every one of you to take these 2-3 days next year and come down, watch, learn, and participate. You will also enjoy the education, listen to fabulous speakers from Congress, and share in the great camaraderie of our group. If we don't speak for ourselves, I guarantee you no one will speak for us, and we will all look back and wish we had. EW 56 I had never heard of the SGR and after two days, I was making the case myself for repeal of this on the Hill. Not only that, I was lobbying for the Medicare Patient Empowerment Act, which would allow us to privately contract with our patients so we would not have to drop out of Medicare due to poor reimbursements. We also lobbied for Graduate Medical Education (GME) funding, as we will be facing a significant shortage of specialty physicians over the next years. What a fabulous meeting and why was I never here before? How did I miss this one being so close to Washington? Now, I have no option but to be involved as I realized that our voice matters. Countless congressmen thanked us profusely for giving up time from our busy schedules and "showing up" to try to make a difference. They want to see their constituents there and have a voice on the Hill. I have pardoned myself that I was never there before, due to a lack of knowledge. But now there can be Alison Gordon, MD, Kris A. Morrill The manual phoropter has been the standard tool employed for subjective vision assessments for 90 years now, with little evolutionary improvement. However, the use of this device can be time consuming and necessitates a long learning curve to use it effectively. In addition, the phoropter is limited to measurements in 0.25 D increments. A new system for subjective refraction that we have been using in our practice for about two years now utilizes point spread function (PSF) targets rather than Snellen letters to perform the refraction and assess visual acuity. We have found that the PSF Refractor (Vmax Vision, Maitland, Fla.), which measures in 0.05 D increments, provides us with a more accurate, more efficient means of performing this routine step of the patient exam. 14 In order to fully evaluate the difference between these two approaches, we performed a head-tohead comparison with 10 patients (20 eyes). Each patient underwent a subjective refraction with a manual phoropter and then the PSF Refractor. Of the 20 eyes tested, 19 were able to read an increased number of targets with the PSF Refractor compared to the standard letter targets— an average of 2.5 additional letters/ targets in the right eyes and 3.4 additional letters/targets for the left eyes. Further, nine out of 10 patients preferred the subjective refractive exam with the PSF Refractor compared to the manual phoropter, reporting that it was a faster test. The concluding point is that this new tool for subjective refraction provides better or equal results in terms of accuracy and reliability in refractive end points. In addition, it is more time efficient for performing subjective refractions and patients prefer it. EW 8- Use of point spread function in refractive exams New Ruler & Combination Chopper Call 800-637-4346 For More Information. Contact information Fiore: jmf243@gmail.com Lee: bryanslee@gmail.com McKee: yurimckee@pricevisiongroup.net Rowen: srowen10@gmail.com 3360 Scherer Drive, Suite B, St. Petersburg FL 33716 s 4EL s &AX %MAIL )NFO 2HEIN-EDICALCOM 7EBSITE WWW2HEIN-EDICALCOM $EVELOPED )N #OORDINATION 7ITH -ICHAEL - (ENRY -$ "ARRY 3 3EIBEL -$ $AVID & #HANG -$ (OLY &AMILY 7ITH #HILD #ORREGGIO 1262 Rev.A BBAH

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