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12 EW NEWS & OPINION July 2013 2013 ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress Best Papers of Session The ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress provides a stage for cornea specialists to share medical advancements, surgical techniques and out- comes, and new technologies. Here we showcase six cornea papers presented at the 2013 ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress in San Francisco, all of which CAPSULORHEXIS Many Choices - Same Excellent Results ST5-1602 Masket Capsulorhexis Forceps - Titanium Fine angled tips perfect for grasping delicate capsule. Curved shafts with stop allows for freedom of movement in the anterior chamber. Flat handle. Also available in stainless steel. earned the designation of Best Paper of Session. John Sheppard, MD, presents the promising findings from a phase 3 trial of a new dry eye medication called lifitegrast. Paolo Santorum, MD, shares the results of ultrathin DSAEK using Massimo Busin, MD's doublepass donor tissue preparation technique that demonstrates that visual acuity and immunologic graft rejection probability do not differ substantially from those in DMEK. Michelle Kim, BS, discusses infectious keratitis after Boston KPro implantation. Mohamed Shousha, MD, and David Smadja, MD, both showcase novel detection mechanisms for keratoconus. Anupam Bagdi, MBBS, helps us to better understand the clinical risk factors for failure of autologous limbal stem cell transplants. And Matthew Feng, MD, describes how endothelial density decreases after DMEK with air re-injection. –Clara C. Chan, MD, cornea editor A phase 3 randomized, doublemasked, placebo-controlled trial of lifitegrast in dry eye patients previously on artificial tears ST5-1603 Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps - Titanium Fine angled tips perfect for grasping delicate capsule. Angled shafts with stop allows for freedom of movement in the anterior chamber. Flat handle. Also available in stainless steel. ST5-1611 Inamura Style Capsulorhexis Forceps - Titanium Cross action allows for use within a minimal incision. Delicate tapered shanks seal the incision during continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis. Also available in stainless steel. ST5-7035 23ga MicroSure Capsulorhexis Forceps - Titanium 23ga allows for optimal use in Micro Incision Surgery. Squeeze handle allows for optimal control within the eye. 2500 Sandersville Rd., Lexington, KY 40511 USA Phone: 800-354-7848, 859-259-4924 Fax: 859-259-4926 E-Mail: stephensinst@aol.com www.stephensinst.com John Sheppard, MD, Charles Semba, MD Lifitegrast is a novel first-in-class ICAM (intercellular adhesion molecule) decoy designed with advanced three-dimensional protein engineering to penetrate periocular tissues without systemic absorption, to remain stable in aqueous solution at room temperature for years at tear pH, and to bind LFA (leukocyte function antigen) far more avidly than the native ICAM molecule. The OPUS-1 pivotal phase 3 randomized, prospective, masked multicenter trial compared 295 placebo control patients with aqueous deficient dry eye to 293 patients using 5.0% preservative-free lifitegrast BID for 84 days. One hundred twenty-nine placebo and 128 treatment patients had used artificial tears within 30 days of screening. This sub-population demonstrated exceptionally robust treatment responses with significant improvements in mean inferior corneal staining (day 84, p=0.0142), mean nasal lissamine score (day 42, p=0.0455, day 84, p=0.0128), eye dryness (day 42, p=0.0013, day 84, p=0.0012), ocular discomfort (day 14, p=0.0179, day 42, p=0.0042, day 84, p=0.001), foreign body sensation (day 84, p=0.0250), and eye pain (day 42, p=0.0121, day 84, p=0.0205). There were no unanticipated or serious ocular adverse events. Study retention was 96%; transient dysgeusia occurred in 12% of treatment subjects. Confirmatory phase 3 (OPUS-2) and safety (SONATA) trials are under way for this promising topical medication. Two-year results of ultrathin DSAEK with microkeratome double-pass technique Paolo Santorum, MD, Silvana A. Madi, MD, Jacqueline Beltz, MBBS, FRANZCO, Vincenzo Scorcia, MD, Massimo Busin, MD Second continued from page 11 Dr. Tabin: I think he did a great job of highlighting the importance and impact of blindness prevention and sight restoration, and how we (Himalayan Cataract Project) are striving to develop systems, infrastructure and train the young doctors who will lead the charge of quality eyecare in their own countries. He does portray me as a bit of a wild man or loose cannon and Dr. Ruit as the genius behind what we have accomplished, so he got the story right as well. for global blindness NGOs and philanthropy? Dr. Chang: How important do you think a book like this could be in terms of garnering greater support Contact information Dr. Tabin: I am very hopeful that Second Suns will do for eyecare what Mountains Beyond Mountains (the story of Paul Farmer and Partners in Health) did for infectious disease funding. There are a lot of important causes and needs in world health, but none can be cured or prevented as easily as blindness. I hope the book is able to convey that message to a wide audience. EW Tabin: Geoffrey.Tabin@hsc.utah.edu

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