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Sponsored by Carl Zeiss Meditec SUPPLEMENT TO EYEWORLD | DECEMBER 2021 | 7 in that digital ecosystem that makes things better." Veracity Surgical is a cloud-based cataract surgery planning platform that integrates with devices in the Carl Zeiss Meditec surgical suite. Veracity Surgical transfers information without transcrip- tion errors, drawing data from devices and automatically applying formulas. Dr. Yeu described how with Veracity Surgical you can easily click to change between monofocal or toric IOLs. "All of this information is auto-pop- ulated because how many times are we looking to see the K values, the Delta of the astigmatism, and setting our thresh- old values?" she said. "Let's say we are using the integrated Barrett toric formu- la. Let's say there are certain diagnostic topography or tomography data that appears less accurate or is an outlier. We can click it off and preferentially custom- ize which corneal curvature values we want inputted into the integrated Barrett toric IOL formula. It will recalculate itself without using the information that you may think is the inaccurate outlier." Dr. Yeu said the planning system doesn't just help select a lens, it also of- fers the ability for you to set an alert for a patient (such as that they are post-myopic or hyperopic LASIK or if there is some- thing you might want to have, like trypan blue) so that information is there for you in the OR. From a postop standpoint, Dr. Yeu said the system offers quick postoperative IOL data analysis, giving insights on the surgeon factor and how close you are to target with various formulas. "That's the power to have the preci- sion … in order to get the outcomes that we need," Dr. Yeu said, adding that this technology "will help to avoid transcrip- tion errors, duplication errors, [and] it saves time." Dr. Singh said with all the diagnos- tic and measurement tools needed for cataract surgery, it's hard to look at them individually. Things can be missed. He said having the planning, verification, postop notes, and other features in one place with Veracity Surgical "[takes] us to the next level from a safety but also efficiency perspective." Intraoperative tools for efficiency and advanced outcomes New advances in diagnostics are improv- ing accuracy of measurements, Dr. Singh said, but what good is that preoperative accuracy if the opportunity for inaccuracy occurs in the operating room? "Utilizing the digital suite by Carl Zeiss Meditec has helped me take that accuracy from preop all the way into the operating room," he said. Dr. Singh uses an IOLMaster, which he said has the ability to perform even in the presence of dense cataracts. He employs Veracity Surgical, which he said allows him to make decisions more effi- ciently and apply those decisions directly in the operating room, as well as look at postop data. Once in the OR, Dr. Singh uses Callisto Eye (Carl Zeiss Meditec), an intraoperative toric marking system, to ensure precision of toric IOL alignment and/or rhexis and incision placement. "No matter how you rotate the eye, [the marker] will follow you as well. For tough cases or standard toric lens cases, continued on page 8 Dr. Singh compares the IOLMaster image (left) that is then transferred and used in the OR with Callisto Eye (right) for toric alignment, rhexis placement, and incisions. Source: Inder Paul Singh, MD it does make life a lot easier," he said, noting that the overlay provides a plus sign when centered over the visual axis, which is helpful for presbyopia-correcting lenses or in cases when there are pupil irregularities. Dr. Singh, who after years of hunch- ing over intraoperative microscopes developed spinal stenosis and had to have back surgery, now uses the ARTEVO Digital Microscope (Carl Zeiss Meditec). This microscope has a heads-up display, improved depth of field capabilities, and lower light levels, among other features. "[ARTEVO] not only allows me to be relaxed but it allows me to get a good view, even in MIGS procedures. I can sit back, my neck is straight. I can turn the head in the scope. I don't have to worry about contorting my body to get there," he said. While ARTEVO benefits Dr. Singh's personal surgical experience, his staff is on board, too. "Our staff was saying, 'I can see so much better, and I can learn from you better,'" he said. They're also able to bet- ter anticipate what he needs during the operation. Another feature that Dr. Singh finds helpful in the OR is the RESCAN intraop- erative OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec). While

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