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We're seeing more and more ocular surface disease; maybe it's because we're fi nally noticing it, but probably because we now have ways to treat it. I do fi nd that the OPD really helps us out. The OPD mires quickly show you and your technicians any corneal distortions. Toby Tyson, MD Tyson Eye, FL The OPD allows you to determine the impact of the ocular surface disease on the visual system, and in turn, gives you points to talk about with the patient. The mires and the measurements help gauge not just your decision on what you can offer the patient, but to also create a more reasonable expectation for the patient. Neda Shamie, MD Maloney Vision Institute, CA There are a few things that I really need in my practice; none of my surgical coordinators, nor I, ever want to perform cataract surgery on anyone without the OPD. It's one of the reasons that we detect OSD. Previously, I didn't always notice with the slit lamp how dry their ocular surface was. Larry Patterson, MD Eye Centers of Tennessee The FACO study showed that most cataract surgery patients are asymptomatic for dry eye. At least 50-80% of them have objective signs, which the OPD-Scan III will detect. It's a great way to catch it early, optimize treatment, and avoid that extra chair time post-operatively by using the OPD. Mitch Jackson, MD Jackson Eye, IL WAVEFRONT DIAGNOSTICS FORUM | PART 4: How to Diagnose OSD Before Cataract Surgery The nice thing about the OPD-Scan III placido disk rings is they are in black and white and easy for patients to understand. If the circles aren't crisp and sharp, there's something wrong. If they're warped and irregular, most people can understand that this is a diseased tear fi lm and therefore treatment is needed. Cynthia Matossian, MD Matossian Eye Associates, NJ 800-874-5274 | marco.com OPD-SCAN III Integrated Wavefront with Placido Rings A LIVE SYMPOSIUM DISCUSSING THE BENEFITS DERIVED FROM INTEGRATED WAVEFRONT TECHNOLOGY TO VIEW THE POWER FORUM III: PART 4 LINK: https://vimeo.com/261142303 ▲

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