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CME questions (circle the correct answer) Advanced glaucoma treatment: Diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and surgical options 8 Copyright 2016 ASCRS Ophthalmic Corporation. All rights reserved. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, editorial board, or the publisher, and in no way imply endorsement by EyeWorld or ASCRS. To take this test online and claim credit, go to bit.ly/29GJ7YZ or complete the test below and fax, mail, or email it in. 1. Dr. Ahmed reported that microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) ________________. a. Enables rapid recovery b. Eliminates the need for medication c. Is performed for advanced glaucoma d. Has a low IOP target (less than 12 mm Hg) 2. According to Dr. Ahmed, internal MIGS and phacoemulsification _________________. a. Cannot be performed together b. Impact future bleb success c. Cause IOP spikes d. Work synergistically 3. Dr. Lewis shared that applanation tonometry measurements are affected by __________. a. The use of other tests b. Corneal radius of the curvature c. Diurnal fluctuations d. Visual field progression 4. Dr. Lewis explained that, in managing glaucoma, fundus perimetry correlates _______ with the visual field. a. Applanation tonometry readings b. Optic nerve fiber layer defect c. 24-hour IOP changes d. Gonioscopy 5. Dr. Radcliffe shared that in the APOLLO and LUNAR studies, latanoprostene bunod reduced mean intraocular pressure _______________. a. 3.4 to 7.1 mm Hg b. 9.3 to 10.1 mm Hg c. 7.5 to 9.1 mm Hg d. 5.2 to 6.5 mm Hg To claim credit, please fax the test and fully completed form by February 28, 2017 to 703-547-8842, email to GPearson@ascrs.org, or mail to: EyeWorld, 4000 Legato Road, Suite 700, Fairfax, VA 22033, Attn: August 2016 CME Supplement ASCRS Member ID (optional): First/Last Name/Degree: Practice: Address: City, State, Zip, Country: Phone: Email: Please print email address legibly, as CME certificate will be emailed to the address provided.

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