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EW IN OTHER NEWS 82 February 2019 Couple continued from page 81 Both Dr. Trattler and Dr. Loh are involved in a number of orga- nizations and research pursuits. Dr. Loh is the incoming president of CEDARS/ASPENS. She focuses on cataract and refractive cataract surgery as well as cornea and glau- coma, and uses many new technol- ogies and products. Dr. Trattler also focuses on cataract and refractive procedures as well as cornea. He has been involved in numerous FDA clinical trials, including trials that have led to approval of various IOLs, Dr. Loh and Dr. Trattler celebrate the beginning of 2019 with their son. Source (all): Jennifer Loh, MD anti-inflammatory medications used with cataract surgery, as well as crosslinking. Dr. Trattler and Dr. Loh recent- ly welcomed their newest family member, Daniel, who was born in mid-December. Dr. Trattler noted that their upcoming ophthalmic meeting obligations may change slightly with a newborn. "Our near- term free time is going to be focus- ing on our son," he said. They usually go to more than 15 meetings a year and still plan to travel. Dr. Loh admitted that some- times it is hard to balance every- thing, but she said their shared work and interests helps at meetings. Dr. Trattler agreed. "If either of us was in a different field, it would be difficult if we had competing meetings," he said, adding that all the meetings help them become better doctors because there is so much to learn. The collaboration onsite with friends, colleagues, and industry is great, he said, and they feel fortunate to have meetings as the springboard to talk, learn, and debate because the field is dynamic and always changing. Dr. Trattler said that they are both adventurous and enjoy activi- ties like skiing, white water rafting, hiking, ziplining, and horseback riding. Sometimes they're able to do these activities with friends in and around meetings, like kayaking with whales in Hawaii. "We get a lot of energy from our friends and col- leagues," Dr. Trattler said. "The field of ophthalmology and the people make us better in so many ways. We're lucky to have such a strong network of friends." They often joke that they see their friends from other parts of the country more often than they see friends locally, Dr. Loh said. "It gives you a strong network of support both personally and for your profes- sional career." EW Contact information Loh: jenniferlohmd@gmail.com Trattler: wtrattler@gmail.com Alcon Laboratories Inc. Page: 7 and 8 Phone: 800-862-5266 Fax: 800-241-0677 www.alconlabs.com APACRS Page: 80 Phone: 65-63278630 www.apacrs.org Bausch + Lomb Page: 25 Phone: 585-338-6536 Fax: 585-338-0898 www.bausch.com BRASCRS Page: 78 www.brascrs.com.br ESCRS Page: 69 Phone: 941-751-0588 Fax: 941-752-4738 www.escrs.org Glaukos Page: Cover 3 Phone: 949-367-9600 Fax: 949-367-9984 www.glaukos.com Ivantis Inc. Page: 15 Phone: 513-407-2388 www.ivantisinc.com Johnson & Johnson Vision Page: Cover 4 www.amo-inc.com Katena Products Page: 19 and 35 Phone: 973-989-1600 Fax: 973-989-8175 www.katena.com New World Medical Page: 37 Phone: 832-260-8010 www.newworldmedical.com NexTech Systems Inc. Page: 5 Phone: 813-425-9200 Fax: 813-425-9292 www.nextech.com Stephens Instruments Page: 51 Stephensinst.com Wills Eye Hospital Page: 23 and 55 Phone: 877-289-4557 www.willseye.org ASCRS•ASOA/ EyeWorld information 2019 ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting Page: 20 and 21 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org ASCRS Glaucoma Day Page: 58 and 59 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org ASCRS Refractive Day Page: 32 and 33 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org Cornea Day Page: 38 and 39 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org 2019 ASOA Program Page: 17 www.asoa.org ASCRS Membership Page: 11 www.ascrs.org ASCRS Center for Learning Page: 67 www.ascrs.org EyeConnect 365 Page: 75 www.ascrs.org EyeWorld Meetings Page: 27, 47, 63, and 65 www.eyeworld.org EyeWorld CME Page: 45 www.eyeworld.org EyeWorld Corporate Mornings Page: 73 www.eyeworld.org Run For Sight Page: 61 www.ascrs.org YES Residents & Fellows Page: 28 and 71 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org Index to advertisers

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