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EW IN OTHER NEWS 74 January 2019 a regular class at Peachtree Aikikai in Atlanta. In addition, Dr. Stallman has interests in photography and fly fishing, and he does all of these while practice ophthalmology full time. He noted the similarities in his hobbies of woodworking and aikido and ophthalmology in that it takes many years to develop a certain level of proficiency. Though you can dabble in any number of interests, Dr. Stallman said he gets much more out of something when he can delve into it in greater depth. EW Contact information Stallman: jstallman@garetina.com Ophthalmologist continued from page 73 Dr. Stallman practices aikido, a Japanese martial art, which focuses on throwing, pinning, and controlling, rather than punching or kicking. Source (all): Jay Stallman, MD Index to advertisers Alcon Laboratories Inc. Page: Cover 2 and 3 Phone: 800-862-5266 Fax: 800-241-0677 www.alconlabs.com APACRS Page: 67 Phone: 65-63278630 www.apacrs.org BRASCRS Page: 69 www.brascrs.com.br EnVision Summit Page: 35 www.envisionsummit.org Johnson & Johnson Vision Page: Cover 4 www.amo-inc.com Katena Products Page: 17 Phone: 973-989-1600 Fax: 973-989-8175 www.katena.com Nextech Page: Cover 3 Phone: 813-425-9200 Fax: 813-425-9292 www.nextech.com Omeros Page: 5 Phone: 206-676-5000 Fax: 206-676-5005 www.omeros.com Stephens Instruments Page: 45 Stephensinst.com Wills Eye Hospital Page: 21 and 27 Phone: 877-289-4557 www.willseye.org ASCRS•ASOA/ EyeWorld information 2019 ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting Page: 18 and 19 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org ASCRS Glaucoma Day Page: 30 and 31 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org ASCRS Refractive Day Page: 60 and 61 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org Cornea Day Page: 36 and 37 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org 2019 ASOA Program Page: 49 www.asoa.org ASCRS Membership Page: 7 www.ascrs.org ASCRS Center for Learning Page: 10 www.ascrs.org Digital EyeWorld Page: 29, 43 digital.eyeworld.org EyeConnect 365 Page: 41 www.ascrs.org EyeWorld Education Hub Page: 65 educationhub.eyeworld.org EyeWorld Meetings Page: 9 and 57 Digital.eyeworld.org EyeWorld Surgical Summit Page: 24 and 25 surgicalsummit.eyeworld.org EyeWorld AR Page: 39 hub.eyeworld.org EyeWorld rePlay Page: 55 www.ewreplay.org YES Residents & Fellows Page: 15 and 51 AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org you learn, the more you realize how much you didn't know." This, he said, is true for both woodworking and martial arts. Aikido utilizes a person's energy or momentum to take their balance and redirect their energy, which results in throwing, pinning, or controlling, however, it doesn't emphasize punching or kicking. Ai- kido is about feeling someone else's balance, and there is a lot of sensi- tivity involved. It's different for each person you practice with, he said. With aikido, Dr. Stallman has had the opportunity to travel to a number of countries and attend seminars and do some teaching. "It provides this immediate connection with people that you wouldn't nor- mally have," he said. He also teaches

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